Media Computing Project

Research Theme

In WS11, this lab will be about enhancing mobile interactions with a kinect sensor placed in a static environment.
You will explore different ways to combine those two and develop a fully running prototype of a collaborative game oriented towards groups of two.
Apart from the engineering challenges you will have to solve the following questions:
  • where is the display
  • what kind of input can the mobile device provide
  • what kind can the kinect provide
  • what kind of input feedback should be provided
  • how are the users visualized

Course room


Learning room (LP2)


  • prototypes (30%)
  • evaluation reports (30%)
  • web log (20%)
  • 3 page summary per person (10%)
  • final presentation (10%)

  • Jim Foley et al.: 3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice
  • Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt: Contextual Design

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