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Dipl.-Inform. Gero Herkenrath

Dipl.-Inform. Gero Herkenrath

Research Assistant

Office location:   Room 2209
Office hours:   by appointment. See my basic schedule.
Telephone:   +49 241 80 - 21057

Project involvement:

Teaching activities:

Research interests:
I am currently most interested in the following aspects of mobile guides (see Aixplorer):
  • Merging indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Enhancing the social activity, i.e. support the group experience through the guide system (technically and conceptually).
  • Locative gaming
aix UI 1aix device aix UI 2

I hope to be able to investigate these matters in detail once the AIXplorer platform is technically at a stage that allows quickly implementing relevant prototypes and run experiments on a large scale with real users.

Other than that I hope to get my hands on a prototyping kit for flexible displays (or a means to disassemble one to build it into a custom device) to further research into bendable device interaction.

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