Niklas Hauser

Niklas Hauser

Conductor of this slo-mo trainwreck

Office location:   iWall, according to the other Jan

I'm going to make this pencil software disappear! bangs head on laptop Tada, it's… it's still here. 😱

I worked at ARM on mbed OS, uVisor and arm-none-eabi-gcc, so I know the ARM Cortex-M architecture very well.
Email me if you need help with your ARMv{6,7,8}-M based devices and/or software.

If you ask nicely I'll give you a tour of the secret massive model railway (ELVA) that I work on over at the VIA.

Getting paid for:
  • Navisnorkle

Not getting paid for:

Supervisor: Jan Thar

Projects of my former life:

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