Tipps and Tricks for exporting SVGs for VisiCut

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This page should be a collection of experience regarding exporting SVG files from various programs, which work well with VisiCut


  • If you create text elments by clicking and dragging with the text tool, it is different from creating text just by clicking and typing. Text elements created with the first method do result in non-standard SVG elements, which just get interpreted as black boxes by VisiCut. Workarounds are:
    • Either only create text by selecting the text-tool and just clicking without dragging
    • Or select all text elements and go to Path->Convert Object to Path (Ctrl+Shift+C). This also makes the text work even if the font is not supported by VisiCut or not installed at the target computer. Be aware that you won't be able to edit the text again, since it is now a path element. Maybe you should save the file under a different name.
  • If you changed your document in Inkscape (or any other application) while opened in VisiCut, you can hit save in inkscape and go to File->Reload (Ctrl/Meta + R) to apply the changes in VisiCut aswell (position and scale won't be affected).

Adobe Illustrator

If you have experience or problems with exporting from Illustrator, please provide information here.


If you have experience or problems with exporting from AutoCAD, please provide information here.


If you have experience or problems with exporting from OpenSCAD, please provide information here.

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