Face of Vyshantha Simha

Vyshantha Simha

Master Thesis Student

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Master's Thesis

Supervisor: Gero Herkenrath
I am working with Gero on location-based games. My Master Thesis involves doing work on top of what Carl Huch had done as part of his Diploma Thesis, so as to better understand the group dynamics while playing a location-based game.

FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloadsLast modified
Download this file (BeaconStatusChecker.zip)BeaconStatusChecker.zipChecking Beacon Status84 kB7552014-07-25 14:08
Download this file (Voice_Messages.zip)Voice_Messages.zipIn-game Voice Messages1023 kB8822014-07-25 13:17
Download this file (QuestWise_GeoSociograms.zip)QuestWise_GeoSociograms.zipGeo-Sociograms Quest-wise715 kB8862014-07-25 13:16
Download this file (Python_Scripts.zip)Python_Scripts.zipPython Scripts10 kB7632014-07-25 13:16
Download this file (Proximity_Plots_Sites.zip)Proximity_Plots_Sites.zipProximity Plots from Quest12110 kB13222014-07-25 13:16
Download this file (Proximity_Plots_Shops.zip)Proximity_Plots_Shops.zipProximity Plots from Quest32239 kB9972014-07-25 13:15
Download this file (Proximity_Plots_Peasants.zip)Proximity_Plots_Peasants.zipProximity Plots from Quest2726 kB9202014-07-25 13:15
Download this file (Observers_Notes.zip)Observers_Notes.zipObserver Notes from Game Sessions548 kB8702014-07-25 13:15
Download this file (mLog2Source.zip)mLog2Source.zipmLog2 Source Code12939 kB9462014-07-25 13:14
Download this file (Matlab_Scripts.zip)Matlab_Scripts.zipMatlab Scripts34 kB7592014-07-25 13:13
Download this file (Individual_GeoSociograms.zip)Individual_GeoSociograms.zipGeo-Sociograms Individual1758 kB9402014-07-25 13:12
Download this file (Group_Questionnaire.zip)Group_Questionnaire.zipGroup Feedback5143 kB10902014-07-25 13:04
Download this file (Group_Questionnaire.xlsx)Group_Questionnaire.xlsxGroup Questionnaire13 kB8762014-07-25 13:04
Download this file (Group_Logs.zip)Group_Logs.zipGroup Logs32190 kB9212014-07-25 13:03
Download this file (Group_Data_Combined.xlsx)Group_Data_Combined.xlsxGroup Data Combined21 kB8602014-07-25 13:02
Download this file (Google_Earth_Tracking_Quests.zip)Google_Earth_Tracking_Quests.zipGoogle Earth Tracking Quests1016 kB10662014-07-25 13:01
Download this file (Google_Earth_Tracking_Groups.zip)Google_Earth_Tracking_Groups.zipGoogle Earth Tracking Groups955 kB8902014-07-25 13:01

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