Exporting Gerber Files for the Protomat S104

In order to mill your PCB layouts on the Protomat S104, you'll need it in the form of gerber files. A single PCB usually consists of serveral gerber files that each represent a single layer in your design (e.g. copper layer, silkscreen, solderpaste,...). Most CAD software with that is suited for the design of PCBs can export gerber files natively. Such gerber files can then be imported into Circuit Pro where they have to be reassigned to their respective layers. If the imported files adhere to the following naming convention, the correct layers will be assigned automatically.

 File Extension Automatically Assigned Layer  Meaning of Layer
 .BOA  BoardOutline  The shape of the PCB that will be milled out in the last step of the process
 .BOT  BottomLayer  The bottom side copper layer containing tracks, pads, etc..
 .TOP  TopLayer  The top side copper layer containing tracks, pads, etc.. 
 .DRL  DrillUnplated  The holes for vias and pins that have to be drilled.

If you need to use other/additional layers (or if you don't want to rename your files), you'll have to assign the files manually during import in Circuit Pros import wizard.

Exporting from KiCad

  1. Open your board layout in pcbnew.
  2. Click on "File -> Plot" to open the Plot window.
  3. Choose the layers that you want to export in the list on the left side.
  4. Choose the output directory via the file picker on the top of the window
  5. Accept the use of relative file paths.
  6. Click on "Generate Drill FIles..."
  7. Click on "Generate Drill FIle"
  8. Click on "Close"
  9. Click on "Plot"
  10. Click on "Close"

The gerber files should now be in the folder that you picked in step 4.

Exporting from Eagle

  1. (Optional) Download the template CAM file for automatic naming of gerber files here.
  2. Open your PCB in the Board editor of Eagle.
  3. Click on "File -> CAM Processor".
  4. (Optional) If you want to use the template CAM file from step 1, click on the "Load job File" as seen in the picture:

    Screenshot 20190807 145412

  5. Click on "Process Job"

The gerber files should now be in a folder called CAMOutputs.

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