PIM Mail

PIM-Mail is a plugin for Apple Mail that offers task management inside Mail. E-mails often explicitly or implicitly contain a task the recipient has to deal with. For example an invitation to a birthday party could serve as a reminder to buy a present for the host. PIM-Mail allows to explicitly create this link of a task to an e-mail.

Once the plugin is loaded a new drawer appears at the right side of Mail's main window. If an e-mail is dragged to the drawer, a task is created that is linked to this email. Vice versa, when a task is double clicked, the associated email is opened. It is even possible for a task to retain links to multiple emails, so the whole context of a discussion can be attached to a task.

PIM-Mail can also support collaboration, since sending out tasks to others is as easy as starting the subject with "Todo:". For e-mails with these subjects, an associated task is automatically created.

In any case, once a task is marked as complete, an e-mail to the sender of the first linked e-mail is opened, to minimize the effort to notify him about the task being completed.


PIM-Mail.pkg: Current installer package for PIM-Mail

Please note that PIM-Mail is a research project and in an early beta phase. Development is not finished yet, so the current version might still contain bugs. Please drop us an email if you encounter any of them or to let us know what you think about PIM-Mail.


PIM-Mail is developed by:
File Description File size Downloads Last modified
PIMMail.pkg PIM-Mail Installer Package 1508 kB 1303 2010-04-09 14:07

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