The missing OpenGL 3.2 Tutorial for Mac OS X

The Care and Feeding of OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile

Since Apple has made OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile available on MacOS 10.7 Lion we decided to write this little tutorial.
It is meant primarily for those of your that have a little experience with previous versions of the API and for people that just need some piece of source code to get them started.

We have included a Keynote presentation that outlines the key differences between the Core Profile and the Compatibility Profile (as the old API is now called) and that shows the basic steps towards drawing a shaded triangle mesh using the Core Profile. The other part is a quick-and-dirty 3D-OFF-Model viewer application the source code of which can be salvaged for useful snippets or studied while you check out the slide deck.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact myself, Tho, or my partner in crime Mo.

  • Download the DMG containing the presentation, the application, and its source code: OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile—Demo.dmg.
  • Here is one model file that you can use with the viewer application:
  • The current version of the source code can also be found in a git repository on Oliver at /Public/Software/i10Software/ThoMoOFFViewer/.
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