Face of Malte Meng

Malte Meng

Thesis Student

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Completed his Bachelor Thesis on "StatHunt - Supporting Novice Researchers Seek Statistical Procedures" in 2020

Supervisor: Krishna Subramanian 

 Thesis Abstract

 This thesis outlines the creation of StatHunt, an interactive web-application aimed to help researchers identify correct statistical procedures for their experiments. To explain the design rationale behind StatHunt, the underlying problems it is try- ing to solve are presented. For the design of StatHunt, State Transition Networks are used to model conversation flow of a developed chatbot. The concrete imple- mentation of this conversational flow in Botpress is then detailed. For experiment visualisation the usage of Blocky is explained and implementation information is provided. As a privacy mechanism for researchers to share their data, differential privacy is introduced. Its use in obfuscating data in StatHunt is explained.



  • Malte Meng. StatHunt - Supporting Novice Researchers Seek Statistical Procedures. Bachelor's Thesis, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, June 2020.
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