FingerFlux User Studies

This page contains supplemental material for our user studies in the UIST 2011 FingerFlux paper. When using this raw data, please refer to the paper and this link:

For further questions, please contact Malte Weiss.

User Test 2: Reduce Drifting

You can download the raw data of our drifting experiment here: FingerFlux-Drifting-RawData.csv (79.93 Kb)


  • Data format is CSV (comma separated value)
    • First row are column headers
    • Every further row represents a trial in the experiment
  • Columns
    • User id
    • Index of trial for current user
    • Name of the condition as string
    • training: 1 = training condition, 0 = measured condition
    • haptic: 1 = haptic feedback is provided (magnets activated), 0 = no haptic feedback
    • digit: 0 = left button, 1 = right button
    • pushx/y/z: 3D position of button press in global coordinates provided by VICON tracking system, in mm (see paper for details)
    • Time stamp relative to program start, in seconds
  • Timing
    • Users were instructed to hit targets as precisely as possible, not as fast as possible. Although we provide time stamps, we did not evaluate task completion times.
    • Due to a technical issue, timing data is not available for user 8 (“NA”).
  • Our UIST 2011 paper provides further information about the test procedure.

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