FabArcade Shield

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This shield connects your Arduino to the joystick, buttons, and the coin acceptor of your FabArcade. Since the switches and the joystick use faston connectors, we decided to have the same connector on this shield. Every I/O pin of the Arduino is connected to one faston connector and we added the same amount of faston connectors connected to ground.

It is a single-sided PCB layout that can be milled on a PCB milling machine.
If you want to connect the screw terminal to the Vin of your Arduino, you need to add the 0 Ohm resistor R1. Otherwise, leave it open.

Eagle files

File Description File size Downloads Last modified
shieldFASTON.brd   94 kB 1312 2013-07-24 11:23
shieldFASTON.sch   279 kB 1411 2013-07-24 11:23

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