DIS2 Aachen ss06 (Project Groups)

Social Music Ball Daniela Esser
Anna Koster
Christian Koehler
-iSight, SmartIts ?, Phidgets ?

Air Drums Nadine Schlonies
Daniel Herding
René Gassen
-GyroMouse x 2, iSight

Voodoo Corinna Habets
Michael Koellejan
-Custom stuff (pin sensors)

GyroGuitar Anamika Agrawal
Aitezaz Sheikh
Adamanova Sofia
Thomas Novotny

iBox Adalbert Schanowski
Sascha Beckers
Nils Jeners

Draw your music Mostafa Akbar
Mei Fang Liau
Maria Magdalena Alomar
Hector Diez

Draw-a-tone Jens Baumgarten
Maximillian Möllers

SOS Yvonne Jansen
Sarah Mennicken
Tim Hemig
-Phidgets: Vibration Sensors + Custom Sensors

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