Light Sensor

With the attached Eagle files you can create another sensor board like the one in the picture using the PCB Milling Machine.


  • Phototransistor (P-LCC-2)

  • Resistor - 10k Ohm

  • Solder



In a circuit with the LumiNet2 prototype - Tutorial.


We used the LilyPad connectors and a similar design but we changed the photo-transistor pad to fit P-LCC-2 housing to match the components we wanted to use and made the traces thicker.
FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloadsLast modified
Download this file (LilyPadLightSensor.sch)LilyPadLightSensor.sch 53 kB11372011-11-15 03:37
Download this file (LilyPadLightSensor.brd)LilyPadLightSensor.brd 10 kB11272011-11-15 03:36
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