Table Lemmings Setup Instructions


Repository overview

  • Repository Location: /svn/i10/MultiTouch/Pingus/PingusGame/
  • The paths PingusEditor, oldlib, oldinclude are needed for building the editor component.
  • The paths PingusGame, lib, include are needed for building the normal game.
  • I SVN-tagged the repository at one point before changing the graphics for the second Industrion exhibit. The name of the tag should be "Logistics Game" or some such. Apart from different graphics, it features level-editing by painting into a PNG. Just open PingusGame/data/images/i10/levelshot.png (the path is from memory, it might be slightly different) in your favorite image editing software and change the level as you wish.

Setting up the system

  1. Install the Quickcam fusion drivers
  2. In the preferences, disable all auto-adaptive features (Rightlight, automatic exposition...), since they will confuse the blob detection; set the image to "upside down"
  3. Set the system variable $DIRECTXSDK to to the right location. all other include- and library-paths are hard-coded in the project to c:\pingus\...; either adapt your path or the project settings.
  4. Build away!

Setting up the Pingus Demo

  1. Connect the wires from the table to the AC/DC converter (black on black, red on grey)
  2. Place the camera under the table, so that its cable is on the opposite site of the cables of the projector (left <-> right)
  3. Switch on the LEDs, the projector, and the Mac
  4. Boot the Mac into Windows, use Account "Table Lemmings"
  5. Set display resolution to 1360x1024. Clone the desktop to the projector.
  6. Open the camera in "My Computer". Make sure it sees the projection area
  7. Startup the "configapp.exe" in c:\Pingus\PingusGame. Set fps to 30 and resolution to 320x240.
    1. Press b to recapture background used for substraction. Change any parameters as necessary. Press Enter for start of calibration
    1. Press c. The spot in the center of the circle becomes red. Touch it. Press space to cycle through all the spots that way. Press Esc when done. (Make sure not to lean against the table, it will produce noise!)
  8. Start Pingus from the desktop. Set fps to 30 and resolution to 320x240. Set focus to the game window
  9. Press 'b' to take a picture for background substraction under worst case lighting conditions
  10. Press Escape to exit the game. It will crash on shutdown


  • The game only works in an administrator account. Don't ask me why...
  • Make sure it uses the correct camera. Disable any other cameras in case it doesn't
  • If you cannot set the resolution the way you want by using the Windows UI, use Powerstrip. The game needs a resolution with a 4:3 ratio and at least 1024 pixels in both axis.

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