Smart Textile Companies

This is a list of companies and manufacturers that produce conducive materials or ready-to-wear smart clothing.

Composed by Nur Hamdan.

Conductive Materials

  • Masa (conductive fabric)
  • Statex (conductive threads and fabrics)
  • Madeira (conductive threads)
  • Eeonyx (conductive fabric)
  • EeonTex via Hitek (conductive fabric)
  • Chomerics via Hitek (conductive paint and adhesive)
  • Henkel via Hitek (conductive adhesives)
  • V Technical Textiles Inc. (shieldex conductive fabric and fasteners)
  • Imbut (Elitex conductive thread)
  • Lessemf (conductive threads and fabrics)
  • Loomia (textile layer for lighting and sensing)
  • Irish Electronics (ElextroFashion conductive threads)
  • Sparkfun (sewable electronics, and conductive threads and fabrics)
  • Kitronik (sewable electronics, and conductive threads)
  • Adafruit (sewable electronics, and conductive threads and fabrics)
  • Pimoroni (sewable electronics, and conductive threads)
  • Other suppliers for conductive materials including gels and ribbons:
  • Guide to conductive threads:

  • Ohmatex ApS (textile cabling, connectors, stretch sensors)
  • Vista Medical Ltd. (BodiTrak: elastic, breathable pressure mapping sensor)
  • Interactive Wear AG (stretch textile (breathing) sensor and textile ribbons with IMU units, also actuators!)
  • Intelligent Clothing (monitors the heart, respiration and temperature)

Fashion and Apparel

  • Clothing+ (Peak+: HRM – strap, shirt, or bra)
  • Machina (ready-to-wear and VR clothes)
  • Bloomer Tech (Bloomber Bra: for monitoring electrocardiograms, pulse rates, respiratory rates, heart rhythms )
  • OMsignal (Bra and shirt for biometrics)
  • Omletcare (Owlet smart sock: biometrics)
  • Sensoria (Bra and short for sports performance)
  • Polar (Short for sports performance and GPS tracking)
  • Wearablex (NadiX posture and vibration yoga pants)
  • Siren (Socks for diabetes)
  • Athos (Shirt for muscle activity)
  • Hexoskin (Shirts for biometrics)
  • Spinali Design (ready-to-wear vibrating jeans illuminating dresses)
  • Komodotec (Aio Sleeve: performance and biometrics)
  • Supa (Bra and strap for biometrics)
  • Google Inc
  • Heddoko Smart Clothing (Full body motion monitoring)
  • Moov (Moov HR: sweatband for monitoring HR)
  • Lunative (illuminated jackets)
  • Proglove (barcode scanning glove)
  • Adidas Smart Bra; Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt


  • Myontec (Mbody: muscle activity monitoring)
  • Lumo (posture and running trackers)
  • Neopenda (head strap for baby health monitoring)


  • E-textile online community:
  • Texas Instruments
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