Semantic Time

About Semantic Time

Semantic Time (a.k.a. Styme) is a research project on interactive multimedia systems. The goal is to create a set of theoretical and software tools to simplify the development of multimedia applications, particularly those that allow users to interactively manipulate the timeline of audio and video.

The Semantic Time Framework is a software library implementation for Mac OS X that incorporates these ideas. It is a "meta-framework", in that it sits on top of the existing Mac OS X frameworks, including QuickTime, Core Audio, and Core Video. Software is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Demo applications for the Semantic Time Framework include Beat Tapper and POlite. More information can be found on our Semantic Time project page.

Beat Tapper / DiMaß: Direct Manipulation Audio Scrubbing and Skimming

DiMaß, pronounced dee-MAHS, is a technique for Direct Manipulation Audio Scrubbing and Skimming. It allows you to quickly search, skim, scrub and slide through audio with continuous audio feedback using a constant pitch time-stretching algorithm.

DiMaß is currently implemented as part of Beat Tapper using the Semantic Time Framework. Beat Tapper is a tool for tagging audio files with beat metadata for Mac OS X.
You will find a demo application on our project page.

Personal Orchestra Lite

Personal Orchestra Lite (or POlite) is a simple proof-of-concept conducting application created using the Semantic Time Framework. Using POlite, you can load in your favourite orchestral music and conduct it using the mouse! The tempo of the music will react to your movements the faster you move, the faster the orchestra will play, and when you stop, the orchestra stops as well. Moreover, the orchestra will synchronize their beat to your beat the system tracks the vertical movement of your "baton" and looks for the beats in the lower turning points of your gestures.
You will find a demo application on our project page.

Please send questions, comments, and feedback to: eric(at)cs(dot)rwth-aachen(dot)de.

Related Publications:


  • Eric Lee and Jan Borchers. DiMaß: A Technique for Audio Scrubbing and Skimming using Direct Manipulation.  In AMCMM 2006 Audio and Music Computing for Multimedia Workshop (in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2006), pages 107–114,Santa Barbara, USA, October 2006.
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  • Eric Lee and Jan Borchers. DiMaß: Audio Scrubbing and Skimming with Continuous, High-Fidelity Feedback.  In WWDC 2006 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (Scientific Poster Session),San Francisco, USA, August 2006.
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