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Machine status: Not available anymore

CNC Router: MultiCAM 3000


READ the CNC-Router-Checklist to prepare for your appointment!
Beginning in February 2012, we can offer access to a large 3-axis CNC router. It's a MultiCAM 3000 Series CNC Router with automatic tool changer, MultiCAM Controller, and Ethernet interface to a computer workstation. The system runs AlphaCAM software. It can read 2D vector graphics for planar cutting, and 3D data (DXF, DWG, STL, Blender, and others) for 3D routing (milling). It is located in the Wood Workshop at the Department of Architecture at our university, who have kindly agreed to let us offer access to the machine to interested Fab Lab users. To use the router, make an appointment with René online as you would for any other Fab Lab use. Do not contact the architecture department directly; we have agreed to provide a single point of contact to them to get this access for Fab Lab users.


  1. Your first appointment at FabLab is for preparing your project for CNC-milling ONLY. There will be no milling at this stage so don't buy your material just yet. It might not even be usable for CNC-milling, or there might be a better solution for your project at all!
    At the end of your appointment at FabLab, we will:

+- decide if your project can be done on the CNC-router
+- tell you if and how you have to change your files
+- contact the Wood Workshop via email and set up your second appointment, which will also be only on a Tuesday. They will re-check your files before milling and can still reject them, so prepare carefully! If your project will be milled, you have to stay there the entire time and YOU will clean the machine afterwards!

  1. To both appointments, bring as much information about your project, as you can provide! You may need to change your files for the actual milling-process. The more information we have, the better we can guide you.
    You may provide:

+- What materials do you want to use?
+- 2D/3D files in a standard format (DXF, DWG, STL, …)
+- Material to show the piece you want to mill in context to the rest of the project

  1. Prepare your files

+(instructions will follow)

You need to bring your own materials that you wish to process on the router. The Wood Workshop isn't currently set up to sell you materials.

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