Protomat PCB Design

The Protomat is a machine for prototyping PCBs and can be used to quickly make prototypes without having to wait for a manufacturer to deliver.
The drawback is that the Protomat will not archieve the same quality as you're used from a professional manufacurer. Therefore, you should adhere to the following design rules as this should assure that the Protomat can actually mill your design:

  • Keep clearances above 0.2mm. We do have tools that can mill isolation paths down to 0.15mm, but we don't leave those in the machine and they are not as reliable as the bigger ones.
  • If using the dispenser: Keep SMD components on the bottom side. The Protomat won't be able to dispense on both sides without completely ruining one side.
  • Don't place planes close to hand soldering pads. Since we can't make solder masks in the FabLab, it's difficult to hand-solder components without creating shorts then.

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