List of Possible Personal Orchestra 3 Names

This list was extracted from the CTHCI SS04 midterm bonus question answers:

  • Now You're In Charge
  • Conduct Orchestra
  • Conduct IT
  • Conduct Me(TM)
  • Orchestrator(TM)
  • Virtual (insert name of famous conductor)
  • Bach to the Audience
  • You're the New Conductor
  • The Conductor
  • Your Orchestra
  • You're the Orchestra
  • Me, Myself and the Baton
  • Conducting for Dummies
  • I Can't Believe it's an Orchestra
  • iConductor
  • Set and the Conductor
  • It's Just Conducting, Mom
  • Conducting in 24 seconds
  • I, Conductor
  • Bad Conduct
  • The Godconductor Part 3
  • Conduct 'em!
  • Music Conductor
  • eMaestro
  • Rise of the Conductors
  • You're the Conductor Again
  • Baton Wars
  • The Orchestra Strikes Back
  • Return of the Conductors
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