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Course information:

  • Mar 11: Scheine (Certificates) will be available at Clarissa's Office.
  • Mar 9: Final Reports can be downloaded from here
  • Nov 5: First presentation today in room 2010.
  • Oct 19: Read this guideline that contains the most important rules for giving a presentation.
  • Aug 17: Milestones entered.
  • Jul 30: Here are the slides for the Kick-off Meeting - Download
  • Jul 20: The kick-off meeting takes place on July 30, 10am, in room 2U13


Literature Review
Report Outline
First Report Submission
Camera-ready slides
Final Report Submission
Rackwitz, Cristoph; Simon, Jonathan
03.09. 9am
17.09. 10am
08.10 12pm
22.10 11am
29.10. 12pm
5.11. 3:45pm
19.11. 12pm
Comendant, Constantin; Rodriguez, Adrian
10.09. 9am
24.09. 10am
15.10. 12pm
29.10 11am
5.11. 12pm
12.11. 3:45pm
26.11. 12pm
Friesen, Alexander; Verkh, Hennadiy
17.09. 9am
01.10. 10am
22.10. 12pm
5.11 11am
12.11. 12pm
19.11. 3:45pm
3.12. 12pm
Bräkling, Andre; Paluszak, Radek
24.09. 9am
08.10. 10am
29.10 12pm
12.11 11am
19.11. 12pm
26.11. 3:45pm
10.12. 12pm
Bals, Markus; Pott, Julian
1.10. 9am
15.10. 10am
5.11. 12pm
19.11 11am
26.11. 12pm
3.12. 3:45pm
17.12. 12pm
Scheele, Julian; Liu, Can
8.10. 9am
22.10. 10am
12.11. 12pm
26.11 11am
3.12. 12pm
10.12. 3:45pm
24.12. 12pm
Göbe, Florian; Thill, Yannick
15.10. 9am
29.10. 10am
19.11. 12pm
3.12 11am
10.12. 12pm
17.12. 3:45pm
31.12. 12pm
Begolli, Genc; Holz, Jan
5.11. 9am
19.11. 10am
10.12. 12pm
24.12 11am
31.12. 12pm
7.01. 3:45pm
21.01. 12pm
Kluth, Wolfgang; Röllig, Thomas
12.11. 9am
26.11. 10am
17.12. 12pm
31.12 11am
7.01. 12pm
14.01. 3:45pm
28.01. 12pm
Elmasllari, Erion; Heiniz, Paul
19.11. 9am
3.12. 10am
24.12. 12pm
7.01 11am
14.01. 12pm
21.01. 3:45pm
4.02. 12pm
Driessen, Philip; Rocks, Yannik
26.11. 9am
10.12. 10am
31.12. 12pm
14.01 11am
21.01. 12pm
28.01. 3:45pm
11.02. 12pm

Assigned Topics

Height Displays (Julian Scheele and Can Liu)

  • Poupyrev et al., Lumen: Interactive Visual and Shape Display for Calm Computing
  • Harrison et al., Providing Dynamically Changeable Physical Buttons on a Visual Display

Personal Information Management (Alexander Friesen and Hennadiy Verkh)


Late User Interface Programming in Virtual Worlds (Markus Bals and Julian Pott)

  • Ducheneaut et al., Body and Mind: A Study of Avatar Personalization in Three Virtual Worlds, CHI 2009

Graspables (Wolfgang Kluth and Thomas Röllig)

  • Taylor et al., Graspables: Grasp-Recognition as a User Interface, CHI 2009

City Exploration (Constantin Comendant and Adrian Rodriguez)

  • Bedwell et al., In Support of City Exploration, CHI 2009

Tabletop (Florian Göbe and Yannik Thill)

  • Song, H., Grossman, T., Fitzmaurice, G., Guimbretiere, F., Khan, A., Attar, R., and Kurtenbach, G. 2009. PenLight: combining a mobile projector and a digital pen for dynamic visual overlay.

Collaboration (Genc Begolli and Jan Holz)

  • Wigdor, D., Jiang, H., Forlines, C., Borkin, M., and Shen, C. 2009. WeSpace: the design development and deployment of a walk-up and share multi-surface visual collaboration system.

Mobile HCI (Christoph Rackwitz and Jonathan Simon)

  • Roth et al., Bezel Swipe: Conflict-Free Scrolling and Multiple Selection on Mobile Touch Screen Devices, CHI 2009

Robust, yet Usable Authentication (Erion Elmasllari and Paul Heiniz)

  • Schechter et al., It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know, CHI 2009

Wearable Computing (Philip Driessen and Yannik Rocks)

  • Ngai et al., The TeeBoard: an Education-Friendly Construction Platform for E-Textiles and Wearable Computing, CHI 2009

CoScribe (André Bräckling and Radek Paluszak)

  • Steimle, J., Brdiczka, O., and Mühlhäuser, M. 2008. CoScribe: Using Paper for Collaborative Annotations in Lectures.
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