Seminar topics SS 2005

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Reports & Slides:

Volumetric displays (14.04.2005, Ulf v. Ceumern, Matthias Derijck)

  • Multi-finger gestural interaction with 3D volumetric displays. T. Grossman, D. Wigdor, R., Balakrishnan, UIST 2004
  • User interfaces for volumetric displays. Ravin Balakrishnan, George W. Fitzmaurice, Gordon Kurtenbach. IEEE Computer, March 2001, p. 37-45, Volume 4, Issue 3
  • FELIX 3D Display: An Interactive Tool for Volumetric Imaging. K. Langhans, D. Bezecny, D. Homann, D. Bahr, K. Oltmann, K. Oltmann, C. Guill, E. Rieper, G. Ardey. Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems IX, Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 4660, San Jose, CA,2002.

Music interfaces (21.04.2005, Christoph Röttgen, Schamil Wackenhut)

  • Manipulating Music: Multimodal Interaction for DJs. Timothy Beamish, Karon Maclean, Sidney Fels. CHI 2004
  • The Jam-O-Drum Interactive Music System: A Study in Interaction Design. Tina Blaine, Tim Perkis. DIS 2000
  • BlockJam: A Tangible Interface for Interactive Music. HenryNewton-Dunn HiroakiNakano James Gibson. NIME 2003

Interfaces for impaired people and multimodal interaction (28.04.2005, Alex Lachmann, Peter Radics)

  • EyeDraw: A System for Drawing Pictures with the Eyes Anthony Hornof, Anna Cavender, Rob Hoselton. CHI 2004
  • Z-Tiles: Building Blocks for Modular, Pressure-Sensing Floorspaces. Bruce Richardson, Krispin Leydon, Mikael Fernström, Joseph A. Paradiso. CHI 2004
  • The Participatory Design of a Sound and Image Enhanced Daily Planner for People with Aphasia. K. Moffatt, J. McGrenere, B. Purves, M. Klawe. CHI 2004
  • Can you see what i hear?: the design and evaluation of a peripheral sound display for the deaf. F. Wai-ling Ho-Ching, Jennifer Mankoff, James A. Landay. CHI 2003

Peripheral displays (12.05.2005, Uwe Steinhausen, Mark Stengelmann)

  • A toolkit for managing user attention in peripheral displays. Tara Matthews, Anind K. Dey, Jennifer Mankoff, Scott Carter, Tye Rattenbury. UIST 2004
  • Support For Multitasking and Background Awareness Using Interactive Peripheral Displays. Blair MacIntyre, Elizabeth D. Mynatt, Stephen Voida, Klaus M. Hansen, Joe Tullio, Gregory M. Corso. UIST 2001
  • Personalized Peripheral Information Awareness through Information Art. John Stasko, Todd Miller, Zachary Pousman, Christopher Plaue, and Osman Ullah. Ubicomp 2004
  • A whisper in the woods - an ambient soundscape for peripheral awareness of remote processes. Fredrik Kilander, Peter Lönnqvist. Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Auditory Display, Kyoto, Japan, July 2-5, 2002

Interfaces for children (02.06.2005, Anggreani, Nanda Firdausi Muhammad)

  • I/O Brush: Drawing with Everyday Objects as Ink. Kimiko Ryokai, Stefan Marti, Hiroshi Ishii. CHI 2004
  • Topobo: A Constructive Assembly System with Kinetic Memory Hayes Solos Raffl e, Amanda J. Parkes and Hiroshi Ishii. CHi 2004
  • Physical programming: designing tools for children to create physical interactive environments. Jaime Montemayor, Allison Druin, Allison Farber, Sante Simms, Wayne Churaman, Allison D'Amour. CHI 2002
  • curlybot: Designing a New Class of Computational Toys Phil Frei, Victor Su, Bakhtiar Mikhak*, and Hiroshi Ishii. CHI 2000

Computer-augmented everyday objects (09.06.2005, Christian Houben, Jan Schumacher)

  • Digital Decor: Augmented Everyday Things. Itiro Siio, Jim Rowan, Noyuri Mima, Elizabeth Mynatt. GI 2003
  • Digital Family Portraits: Supporting Peace of Mind for Extended Family Members Elizabeth D. Mynatt, Jim Rowan, Annie Jacobs and Sarah Craighill. CHI 2001
  • Augmenting paper to enhance community information sharing. Antonietta Grasso, Alain Karsenty, Marco Susani. DARE 2000
  • Listen reader: an electronically augmented paper-based book. Maribeth Back, Jonathan Cohen, Rich Gold, Steve Harrison, Scott Minneman. CHI 2001

Tabletop interfaces and CSCW (16.06.2005, Irina Kireyev, Stefan Steinheimer)

  • DiamondSpin: an extensible toolkit for Around-the-Table interaction. Chia Shen, Frédéric D. Vernier, Clifton Forlines, Meredith Ringel. CHI 2004
  • Caretta: A System for Supporting Face-to-Face Collaboration by Integrating Personal and Shared Spaces. M. Sugimoto, K. Hosoi. CHI 2004
  • Release, Relocate, Reorient, Resize: Fluid Techniques for Document Sharing on Multi-User Interactive Tables. Meredith Ringel, Kathy Ryall, Chia Shen, Clifton Forlines, Frederic Vernier. CHI 2004
  • Livenotes: A System for Cooperative and Augmented Note-Taking in Lectures. Matthew Kam, Jingtao Wang, Alastair Iles, Eric Tse, Jane Chiu, Daniel Glaser, Orna Tarshish, and John Canny. CHI 2005

Tactile displays and wearable computing (23.06.2005, Saskia Dedenbach, Philipp Stephan)

  • A. Toney, L. Dunne, B. Thomas, S. Ashdown: A Shoulder Pad Insert Vibrotactile Display, Proc. ISWC 2003, pages 35-44.
  • K. Tsukada, M. Yasumura: ActiveBelt: Belt-Type Wearable Tactile Display for Directional Navigation, Proc. UbiComp 2004, pages 384-399.
  • J. B. F. van Erp: Tactile Information Presentation: Navigating in Virtual Environments, Workshop on Haptic Human-Computer Interaction, LNCS 2058/2001, pages 165-173.
  • H. Z. Tan, R. Gray, J. J. Young, and R. Traylor: A Haptic Back Display for Attentional and Directional Cueing, The Electronic Journal of Haptics Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, 20 pp., June 2003.

Gestures and pen-based interaction (30.06.2005, Jan Krämer, Björn Kuhlmann)

  • CrossY: A crossing based drawing application. G. Apitz, F. Guimbretiere, University of Maryland, UIST 2004
  • The radial scroll tool: Scrolling support for stylus- or touch-based document navigation. G. M. Smith, m.c. schraefel, UIST 2004
  • Performance of Menu-Augmented Soft Keyboards, P. Isokoski (University of Tampere). CHI 2004
  • The Intelligent Pen—Toward a Uniform Treatment of Electronic Documents. Marcel Götze, Stefan Schlechtweg, Thomas Strothotte. Proceedings of the 2nd international symposium on Smart graphics, 2002

Interaction with large displays (07.07.2005, Inga Mertens, Nina Neugschwendtner)

  • A remote control interface for large displays. A. Khan, G., Fitzmaurice, D. Almeida, N. Burtnyk, G. Kurtenbach, Alias, UIST 2004
  • Direct Manipulation Techniques for Large Displays using Camera Phones. Michael Rohs, Jennifer Sheridan, and Rafael Ballagas. Proceedings of 2nd International Symposium on Ubiquitous Computing Systems (USC2004), November 8-9, Tokyo, Japan.
  • The Interaction Table – a New Input Device Designed for Interaction in Immersive Large Display Environments. M. Hachet and P. Guitton. Proceedings of the workshop on Virtual environments, 2002
  • Direct Interaction with Large-Scale Display Systems using Infrared Laser Tracking Devices. Kelvin Cheng, Kevin Pulo. Proceedings of the Australian symposium on Information visualisation, Volume 24, pp. 67 - 74, 2003

Force feedback and haptic devices (14.07.2005, Xun Shen)

  • Haptic Chameleon: A New Concept of Shape-Changing User Interface Controls with Force Feedback G. Michelitsch, J. Williams, M. Osen, B. Jimenez, and S. Rapp
  • Haptic Feedback for Pen Computing: Directions and Strategies. Ivan Poupyrev, Makoto Okabe, Shigeaki Maruyama. CHI 2004
  • HIM: A Framework for Haptic Instant Messaging. A.F. Rovers, H.A. van Essen. CHI 2004
  • Ambient Touch: Designing Tactile Interfaces for Handheld Devices. Ivan Poupyrev, Shigeaki Maruyama, Jun Rekimoto. UIST 2002

Speech interfaces (21.07.2005, Benjamin von Eicken, Alexander Strauch)

  • Augmenting conversations using dual-purpose speech. Kent Lyons, Christopher Skeels, Thad Starner, Cornelis M. Snoeck, Benjamin A. Wong, Daniel Ashbrook. UIST 2004
  • Human-Robot Speech Interface Understanding Inexplicit Utterances Using Vision. Zaliyana Mohd Hanafiah, Chizu Yamazaki, Akio Nakamura, Yoshinori Kuno. CHI 2004
  • Voice as sound: using non-verbal voice input for interactive control. Takeo Igarashi, John F. Hughes. UIST 2001
  • SCANMail: a voicemail interface that makes speech browsable, readable and searchable. Steve Whittaker, Julia Hirschberg, Brian Amento, Litza Stark, Michiel Bacchiani, Philip Isenhour, Larry Stead, Gary Zamchick, Aaron Rosenberg. CHI 2002

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