Pro-Seminar topics:

  1. Stanford iRoom
    24.06.2004 (Christian Köhler / Tobias Hoffmann)
  2. Georgia Tech Aware Home
    08.07.2004 (Jörn Wübker / Marcel Nyenhuis)
  3. Microsoft's Easy Living
    15.07.2004 (Peter Schröder / Jörg Wernerus)
  4. Darmstadt's iLand
    22.07.2004 (Markus Vervier)
  5. HP's Cooltown
    29.07.2004 (Dominik Lenhard / Melanie Kleiner)
  6. MIT Intelligent Room
    22.09.2004, 14:00 - 15:00, room 2212 (Mulyanti Mulyanti / Erika Jongiran)

Stanford iRoom

Georgia Tech Aware Home

  • the Aware Home
  • "The Aware Home: A Living Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing Research" Kidd, Cory D., Robert J. Orr, Gregory D. Abowd, Christopher G. Atkeson, Irfan A. Essa, Blair MacIntyre, Elizabeth Mynatt, Thad E. Starner and Wendy Newstetter. In the Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Cooperative Buildings - CoBuild'99. Position paper, October 1999
  • "Building an Aware Home". Presentation by Irfan Essa at the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, July 1, 1999.
  • The Smart Floor: A Mechanism for Natural User Identification and Tracking. Robert J. Orr and Gregory D. Abowd. GVU Technical Report GIT-GVU-00-02 (full paper). January 2000.

MIT Intelligent Room

  • Intelligent Room
  • Brooks, R. A. with contributions from M. Coen, D. Dang, J. DeBonet, J. Kramer, T. Lozano-Perez, J. Mellor, P. Pook, C. Stauffer, L. Stein, M. Torrance and M. Wessler, The Intelligent Room Project. Proceedings of the Second International Cognitive Technology Conference (CT'97), Aizu, Japan, August 1997.
  • Ajay Kulkarni. Design Principles of a Reactive Behavioral System for the Intelligent Room. In Bitstream: The MIT Journal of EECS Student Research. Cambridge, MA, 2002.
  • Michael Coen, Luke Weisman, Kavita Thomas and Marion Groh. A Context Sensitive Natural Language Modality for the Intelligent Room. In Proceedings of MANSE'99. Dublin, Ireland. 1999

Microsoft's Easy Living

  • Easy Living
  • EasyLiving: Technologies for Intelligent Environments. Brumitt, B., Meyers, B., Krumm, J., Kern, A., and Shafer, S. Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing, September 2000.
  • Multi-Camera Multi-Person Tracking for EasyLiving. Krumm, J., Harris, S., Meyers, B., Brumitt, B., Hale, M., and Shafer, S. IEEE Workshop on Visual Surveillance, July 2000.

Darmstadt's iLand

  • i-Land
  • i-LAND: An interactive Landscape for Creativity and Innovation (1999) Norbert A. Streitz, Jörg Geißler, Torsten Holmer, Shin'ichi Konomi, Christian Müller-Tomfelde, Wolfgang Reischl, Petra Rexroth, Peter Seitz, Ralf Steinmetz, CHI
  • Roomware: Towards the next generation of human-computer interaction based on an integrated design of real and virtual worlds (2001). Norbert A. Streitz, Peter Tandler, Christian Müller-Tomfelde, Shin'ichi Konomi. Human-Computer Interaction in the New Millenium

HP's Cooltown

  • Making Cooltown Real
  • People, places, things: web presence for the real world. Tim Kindberg, John Barton, Jeff Morgan, Gene Becker, Debbie Caswell, Philippe Debaty, Gita Gopal, Marcos Frid, Venky Krishnan, Howard Morris, John Schettino, Bill Serra, Mirjana Spasojevic, October 2002, Mobile Networks and Applications, Volume 7 Issue 5

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