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2010, Ahornstrasse 55
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Literature Review
Report Outline
First Report
Camera-ready slides
Final Report
Marx Bievor, Kristjan LiivaEveryday Information ManagementJan-Peter23.09.11, 9:0030.09.11, 10:0021.10.11, 12:0004.11.11, 11:0011.11.11, 12:0018.11.1102.12.11
Martin Bellgardt, Cassandra SeverijnsInteraction on Mobile DevicesGero30.09.11, 9:0007.10.11, 10:0028.10.11, 12:0011.11.11, 11:0018.11.11, 12:0025.11.1109.12.11
Theo Dreßen, Jonathan WendtNon-flat SurfacesMax07.10.11, 9:0014.10.11, 10:0004.11.11, 12:0018.11.11, 11:0025.11.11, 12:0002.12.1116.12.11
Nick Russler, Ahmet YüksektepeFlexible Displays and SurfacesMax14.10.11, 9:0021.10.11, 10:0011.11.11, 12:0025.11.11, 11:0002.12.11, 12:0009.12.1123.12.11
Ilja Golland, Niklas HauserMicroblogging BehaviorLeonhard21.10.11, 9:0003.11.11, 10:0018.11.11, 12:0002.12.11, 11:0009.12.11, 12:0016.12.1130.12.11
Steffen Hillemacher, Till MüllersMid-Air PointingSimon18.11.11, 9:0025.11.11, 10:0016.12.11, 12:0030.12.11, 11:0006.01.12, 12:0013.01.1227.01.12
Aivar Kripsaar, Felix RathTangibles on TabletopsSimon25.11.11, 9:0002.12.11, 10:0023.12.11, 12:0006.01.12, 11:0013.01.12, 12:0020.01.1203.02.12
Marcel Lahaye, Daniel SchmitzTactile & HapticsFlo02.12.11, 9:0009.12.11, 10:0030.12.11, 12:0013.01.12, 11:0020.01.12, 12:0027.01.1210.02.12
Marten Junga, Jan SchulzDigital Content & CollectionsJan-Peter09.12.11, 9:0016.12.11, 10:0006.01.12, 12:0020.01.12, 11:0027.01.12, 12:0003.02.1224.02.12


Mid-Air Pointing
  • Mid-Air Pan and Zoom on Wall-sized Displays, Nancel et al. CHI 2011
  • Gesture Select: Acquiring Remote Targets on Large Displays without Pointing, Bragdon et al. CHI 2011
  • RemoteTouch: Touch-Screen-Like Interaction in the TV Viewing Environment, Choi et al. CHi 2011

Watching Together
  • Are We in Sync? Synchronization Requirements for Watching Online Video Together, Geerts et al. CHI 2011

Persuasive Systems
  • Mining Behavioral Economics to Design Persuasive Technology for Healthy Choices, Lee et al. CHI 2011
  • Side Effects and "Gateway" Tools: Advocating a Broader Look at Evaluating Persuasive Systems, Schwanda et al. CHI 2011
  • Fit4Life: The Design of a Persuasive Technology Promoting Healthy Behavior and Ideal Weight, Purpura et al. CHI 2011

Everyday Information Management
  • "I Lie to Myself That I Have Freedom in My Own Schedule": Productivity Tools and Experiences of Busyness, Leshed et al. CHI 2011
  • Homebrew Databases: Complexities of Everyday Information Management in Nonprofit Organizations, Voida et al. CHI 2011

Non-flat Surfaces
  • Touch Input on Curved Surfaces, Roudaut et al. CHI 2011
  • MotionBeam: A Metaphor for Character Interaction with Handheld Projectors, Willis et al. CHI 2011
  • 3D Projection on Physical Objects: Design Insights from Five Real Life Cases, Dalsgaard et al. CHI 2011

Microblogging Behavior
  • Social Media Ownership: Using Twitter as a Window onto Current Attitudes and Beliefs, Marshall et al. CHI 2011
  • Fragile Online Relationship: A First Look at Unfollow Dynamics in Twitter, Kwak et al. CHI 2011
  • Computing Political Preference Among Twitter Followers, Golbeck et al. CHI 2011

Flexible Displays and Surfaces
  • Evaluating Effects of Structural Holds on Pointing and Dragging Performance with Flexible Displays, Dijkstra et al. CHI 2011
  • PaperPhone: Understanding the Use of Bend Gestures in Mobile Devices with Flexible Electronic Paper Displays, Lahey et al. CHI 2011
  • Pinstripe: Eyes-Free Continuous Input on Interactive Clothing, Karrer et al. CHI 2011

Digital Content & Collections
  • Teenagers and Their Virtual Possessions: Design Opportunities and Issues, Odom et al. CHI 2011
  • Life Editing: Third-Party Perspectives on Lifelog Content, Byrne et al. CHI 2011

Tactile & Haptics
  • The Haptic Laser: Multi-Sensation Tactile Feedback for At-a-Distance Physical Space Perception and Interaction, ianacci et al. CHI 2011
  • Tactile Brush: Drawing on Skin with a Tactile Grid Display, Israr et al. CHI 2011
  • Enhancing Physicality in Touch Interaction with Programmable Friction, Levesque et al. CHI 2011
  • A Haptic Wristwatch for Eyes-Free Interactions, Pasquero et al. CHI 2011

Accurate Touching
  • TouchCuts and TouchZoom: Enhanced Target Selection for Touch Displays using Finger Proximity Sensing, Yang et al. CHI 2011
  • AnglePose: Robust, Precise Capacitive Touch Tracking Via 3D Orientation Estimation, Rogers et al. CHI 2011
  • Understanding Touch, Holtz et al. CHI 2011

Interaction on Mobile Devices
  • ShadowPuppets: Supporting Collocated Interaction with Mobile Projector Phones Using Hand Shadows, Cowan et al. CHI 2011
  • Xpaaand: Interaction Techniques for Rollable Displays, Steimle et al. CHI 2011

Tabletop Synchronous Collaboration
  • Supporting Fluid Tabletop Collaboration Across Distances, Yamashita et al. CHI 2011

Tangibles on Tabletops
  • Rendering Physical Effects in Tabletop Controls, Weiss et al. CHI 2011

Versuchen Sie, die Artikel online (s.u.) oder in der Bibliothek zu finden. Beim Kick-Off Meeting sollten Sie sich bereits darüber im Klaren sein, welche der Themen Sie besonders interessieren.

Die Bearbeitung der Themen erfolgt in Zweiergruppen. Zusätzlich suchen Sie aktuelle wissenschaftliche Publikationen zum Thema Ihres Papers und stellen diese Publikationen zusammen mit ihm vor. Wieviele zusätzliche Quellen wir erwarten hängt vom jeweiligen Thema ab und wird bei der Vorbesprechung bekannt gegeben.
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