i10 Merchandise



Our i10 t-shirts are done using "Foliendruck" (colored foil is cut to shape and ironed to the shirt). Please always use the following template and make sure its layout and sizes are followed:

(click the image to download PDF)

To have a t-shirt made, copy the template to a USB stick and go to Aixact (Hirschgraben 30, Aachen). You can bring your own t-shirt to save money / ensure its quality. Edit: AixAct has the template, so you need to bring it only when you use another printing service. Costs are about 16-20 euro.

Coffee Pots

Our i10 coffee pots are done using "Siebdruck" (requires high volume but lasts longer). We provide them for you, you don't need to make your own. :) If you're ordering replacements, please use the following template and make sure the text is printed at the correct position:

(click the image to download PDF)
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