Explorers in search of treasure come across an old, deserted castle. Each floor of the castle is filled with treasure. Getting into the castle is easy but it would take a great deal of skill and courage for the explorers to escape the castle, as each floor is a maze filled with enemies and traps. Amid the dark night, with limited visibility of a torchlight, can the explorers escape the castle with the treasure?


Game Modes:
This game supports both single player and multiplayer options and offers two different modes:
Story mode: The treasure in the castle is forbidden and curses anyone who enters the castle to turn into a ghost and be forever lost in the castle. To lift the curse the explorer needs to collect three magical stones - The Life Stone, The Death Stone, and The Curse Stone. However, collecting these stones is not an easy task. The stones are with their defenders at the top floor of three different five-storey towers of the castle. The explorers will have to overcome the three stone defenders to lift their curse and escape the castle with the forbidden treasure.
Survival mode: This mode presents the explorers to overcome haunting and obstacle-filled fifty random mazes with difficulty increasing with each level. In the multiplayer scenario, explorers compete with each other to be the last survivor and clear the maximum number of levels.



FabArcade Controller

Up - Joystick up
Down - Joystick up
Left - Joystick up
Right - Joystick up
Attack - Black button
Start/Skip/Confirm - Start
Coin - Coin Slot
Pause - Red Button
Activate Life Stone (story mode) - Blue Button
Activate Death Stone (story mode) - Yellow Button

Keyboard: Player 1

Up - w
Down - s
Left - a
Right - d
Attack - q
Start/Skip/Confirm - Enter
Coin - Space
Pause - Esc
Activate Life Stone (story mode) - e
Activate Death Stone (story mode) - r

Keyboard: Player 2

Up - i
Down - k
Left - j
Right - l
Attack - u
Start/Skip/Confirm - Enter
Coin - Space
Pause - Esc
Activate Life Stone (story mode) - o
Activate Death Stone (story mode) - p


Game Objects:

Explorer - The game players. Each player starts with 3 lives and a torch.

Torch - Torch is the only source of light in the game. Players can see up to a certain distance with the torch.

Treasure - Treasure is available in the form of coins. Players gain a life on collecting each 50 coins.

Key and Door - Each player needs to find their own set of key and door which is only visible to them. The door opens when a key is found by the player.

Special items - To help the player in higher, difficult levels big torches and masks are available. Big torch increases the player's visibility for a few seconds. Mask makes the player invincible to enemies and traps for a few seconds.

Weapons - Players can find weapons after a few levels to fight the enemies and stone defenders (in story mode). Swords are offered in lower levels. Flamethrowers are offered in higher levels.

Enemies - The common enemies found in each level. These are bats, slimes, and skulls. The enemies move randomly in the maze. Player loses a life if hit by an enemy. Enemies can be killed by weapons in one strike.

Traps - The traps are found in higher levels. There are two traps: webs and spikes. On collision with a web, the player's movement speed is reduced to half of normal speed. Spikes can be active or inactive. Player loses a life on collision with an active spike.

Player Spirit/Ghost (Multiplayer scenario) - In multiplayer scenario, the first player to complete the level or to die can still be involved as a player spirit/ghost in the current level until the other player finishes the level. In Story mode, the player can be present as a spirit with a torch to guide/help the other player with additional visibility. In Survival mode, the player ghost can annoy/distract the other player from clearing the level.

Stone Defenders (Story mode) - Each stone has its defender. They are found at the top floor of each tower.

Magical Stones (Story mode) - The Life Stone is found in the first tower. It enables the player to revive themselves once in the rest of the game. The player should revive within 10 seconds of their death. The Death Stone is found in the second tower. The Death Stone can kill all the enemies but not the stone defender in a level at once when activated. Any player can activate it but can only be activated once during the whole game. The Curse Stone is found in the last tower. The player’s curse is lifted on obtaining the Curse Stone and the game comes to an end.

Towers (Story mode) - Each of the three towers have their own floor theme and background music to provide an exclusive gaming experience. 

Download it here!

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