Game Of Heirs

"Game of Heirs" is an arcade game, that can be played in single or multiplayer mode, inspired from real life escape rooms where you solve puzzles and complete tasks to exit the room.

The game follows you, the player, on a quest to win your extremely wealthy grandma's enormous inheritance after her sad demise. Unfortunaletly, it isn't so easy!

You and the family discover that her wealth will be bequeathed to the first to solve the various puzzles and tasks set up in the different rooms of her mansion. You (and your sibling in multiplayer game mode) need to put your ingenuity to the test to win against the rest of the family and inherit the coveted wealth.

As you move through the mansion, the difficulty and the number of tasks increase but help is provided in the form of hints to guide you in the right direction. Your only enemy in this game is the timer setup in each room. If you run out of time, you can always insert a coin in the arcade to continue.

Download it here!

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