Multimodal Media Madness - Winter Semester 2004/2005

Assignment 9 - Hit the Teleo
Due on Sunday, January 9, 2005 @noon


In this assignment, you will build a variant of the classic Hit-The-Gopher" game using Max/MSP and a Teleo module, which allows you to easily connect arbitrary electronics components to the computer without having to worry about the details low-level details such as signal strength, voltage levels, etc...


Your assignment for the week is to build a toned down version of the Hit-The-Gopher game using two push buttons and two LEDs. The basic idea is this: every once in a while, a random LED lights up. If the user presses the button corresponding to that LED while it is lit, s/he gets a point.

You will be using the Teleo modules for this assignment. Documentation on how the Teleo modules work is available from the Making Things website. You will probably want to take a look at the Max/MSP section, and the Teleo Starter Kit User Guide or the Teleo Multi IO User Guide (depending on which one you have).

Please be careful when hooking things up to the Teleo. Be sure to read the documentation carefully to avoid damaging the equipment. If you are unsure about anything, please ask! In particular:

  • LEDs should be connected with a resistor in series when hooked up to the Teleo
  • LEDs have a polarity, with the flat end connected to ground

As we have only 4 Teleo modules, this assignment is to be completed in groups of 4.

Some ideas for extra credit for this assignment:

  • Add a potentiometer which allows the user to control the difficulty of the game
  • Create a scoring mechanism
  • Other (use your imagination!)


Email an archive (.zip) of your assignment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the due date. The subject of your email should be "M3 Assignment 9"; be sure to use this exact subject line as it will be used to filter assignment submissions for grading. Do not submit a patch file that has not been compressed using zip.

Your assignment archive should include all files required to run your patch. Include a short plain text README file that contains:

  • the names and email addresses of all group members
  • instructions on how to use your patch
  • a short description of your design
  • non-obvious things you did (if any)
  • if you did any extra credit work, be sure to tell us what you did

It is strongly recommended that you test your submission before sending it to us. If we cannot figure how to open your submission (strange or non-obvious compression format, no README file) then you will get zero.
Be prepared to discuss your solution in the next lab.


The assignment will be graded on the following rough scale:

  • 1.0 - exceptional work that clearly went above and beyond what was given on the exercise
  • 2.0 - exercise was completed satisfactorily as per the assignment specification
  • 3.0 - exercise was completed, but has some problems
  • 4.0 - incomplete exercise
  • 5.0 - little or no effort was put into the exercise

Late assignments will be graded with a penalty of 0.5 per 24 hour period after the due date.

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