Our project with the name “Make-it-Stop” was designed as one of the riddles in the entire escape room with the overall topic “Steampunk”.

Different from many other escape room games, in which it will be required to solve puzzles or to find the hidden objects, our project was designed mainly as a way of testing the reaction time of people.

In this case, the players will be required to reconnect the pipelines for the water supply of an old factory, so that the water flows again through the pipelines and the machine will be restarted. If any of the buttons is pressed, the 3 pipes will start falling down one after another in 3 seconds. They will be stopped immediately at the certain position, if the buttons are pressed once more. The players need to make sure, that all the pipes go back to their proper positions, before they hit the bottom plate. Only if all the 3 pipes are correctly connected, a marble with the key combo will be carried out by the water flow, which could be the hint or the key point to the next riddle. Otherwise the pipes will be automatically moved back to the start position and the players need to try it again from the beginning.

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