The goal of our project was to design a cocktail-mixing automata, or simpler, to mix 4 liquids in a small glass controlled by a microprocessor. The 4 switches in the front are used to choose between the different liquids. Turning one switch on makes the highlights the chosen bottle by lighting it up with LEDs mounted below it. You can only turn on one switch at a time, so only by turning off all unneeded switches you can select a different bottle. In case you have multiple switches activated and try to actuate the lever, all the LEDs underneath the bottles will start to blink red, signalising an error. You can only reset the box by switching all switches on and then off, furthermore you have to start all over again. If you chose the liquid accordingly to the operation manual, you have to actuate the lever and hold it for as long as you want the liquid to be pumped into the glass below.

The inside of our box is seamed with UV-LEDs, this makes the mixture in the small glass container light up in a bluish color if you pump UV reactive liquid into it (e.g. Tonic-water, Cat-pee...)

The Story behind our project takes place in a distant yet foreseeable future where Design and aesthetics take inspiration from the long ago 19th century, where the most advanced technology were steam-powered engines. Here you find yourself, days have gotten alot darker and your life relies on this strange automata which was forged by an combination of future technology and some twisted minds.
The venom slowly passes through your veins and you can feel your mind getting absent. But help is near, wasn’t this machine made to combat exactly the miserable situation you now find yourself in, you only have to solve the riddle which originated from the mind of same evil-creature that poisened you and built this horrible machine everything relies on now. Alot of unfortunate lifes were taken already, you can clearly see on the instructions, but will yours be amongst them?

The instructions are clear, to mix the antidote you have to solve the riddle first, and then accordingly to your solution you need to choose the liquid and the amount by selecting the right liquid and pulling the lever for the right amount of time. But haste brings sorrow so take your time because only the right mixture will light up the UV-Light and bring the desired relief. The wrong liquid or the false amount and the box will start to blink red taking some of your valuable time and having you to start from where you begun. Is the amount right you will see UV-Light, but if it blinks red you will regret.

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