Guide to the i10 Book Library

The library at our chair is located in Jan's office. It is a presence library so that you can count on finding something there if you need it.

Assistants can loan books, because assistants are always reachable at the chair. Those loans are expected to stay in their office for quick access if needed.

As a student working on a research project with us, you can loan books for 1 week. If you need a title for longer, tell Clarissa, and we will consider buying an extra copy.

To loan a book, ask Clarissa for the title. There is a separate computer in Jan's office where she checks out every loan. She will record your name, email, cell phone number, and possibly take a blood sample.

Do not take books from Jan's office without having Clarissa or someone else check them out. Do not return them without having her check them in.

Handle these books with care. Some are Jan's private copies (no i10 stamp inside), the others belong to the chair. If you soak one in latte macchiato, or can't resist the urge to leave it on a bench in Pontstraße, you buy a new one. Remember, we know where you live.

We cannot give out our books for exam preparation: there are too many students, the duration would be too long, and it would raise questions of fairness. For students who decide not to follow our recommendation of buying those titles, the CS presence library should have copies available—if not, let us know and we will order them for the CS library. They have excellent group study rooms as well.

Current List of Books (last updated on Monday, April 19, 2021)

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