Latex templates and useful links

LaTeX Template

This template is not mandatory but you are strongly encouraged to use it as a basis for your elaboration.

Frequent LaTeX Questions

  • Units are typeset in Roman, not in Italics. So don't put them inside math environments like $...$. If you are inside a math environment, use \mathrm{m}, for example. To create the right spacing between number and unit, use \, between the two: 5\,m
  • After periods for abbreviations (like Dr.), use ~ instead of a regular space to avoid ugly gaps in your text: Dr.~Strangelove. This will also avoid a linebreak.

Web Links

LaTeX Tools


  • TeXLive (Unix): a standard LaTeX installation, comes with everything you need to start.
  • MacTeX (OS X): a complete installation with all basic packages based on TeXLive.
  • MiKTeX (Windows): this distribution contains the core distribution and some extensions. It includes a package and repository manager to easily include additional packages.
  • proTeXt (Windows): a package containing MiKTex, the editor TeXnicCenter, and Ghostscript.


Recommended Literature

  • Leslie Lamport: Das LATEX Handbuch, Addison-Wesley, 1995
  • Goossens, Mittelbach and Samarin: Der LATEX-Begleiter, Addison-Wesley, 1996

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