Kitchen overlord

Current kitchen overlord: Oliver Nowak


The kitchen overlord role involves the following routine tasks. They have been organized according to how frequently the tasks need to be done. 

  • Daily tasks
    • Coffee machine
      • Check if there's enough milk in the milk container for the coffee machine. 
      • Clean the tray in the coffee machine.
      • Check if there are enough coffee beans, refill if needed.
      • Refill the water container after emptying it. Clean it once in a while.
    • Check if the dishwasher has clean dishes, and, if so, put them back to the cupboards. If it has dirty dishes and need to be run, then run it. 
    • Make sure there are enough drinks in the drinks fridge, and refill if needed. 
    • On Monday: Clean the milk container and milk dispenser. For instructions, see this video.
    • On Wednesday: Send a message to next week's kitchen master reminding them that its their turn next week. You can use the following template: 
      Hi [name], you are our i10 Kitchen Master next week. Please check your responsibilities here: , and fulfill them twice next week on Wednesday and Friday. You can use the checklist in the drawer below our coffee machine. When you clean the milk container in the coffee machine, refill the milk only to a third of the container’s capacity. (Most people don’t use milk with their coffee.)
  • Monthly tasks
    • Check if we have enough of the following items, and, if not, order them via secretaries. You can buy smaller stuff like dishwashing liquid yourself and get it reimbursed. 
      • Coffee machine
        • Coffee beans
        • Cleaning liquid for the milk dispenser
        • Water filters
        • Deep cleaning tablets
      • Food in cupboard
        • Monin syrups
        • Milk
        • Sugar
      • Cleaning
        • Descaling tablets
        • Dishwashing liquid
        • Handsoap
        • Surface cleaning spray
        • Surface cloth towels
        • Sponges
        • Dishwasher cleaning tablets
      • Serviettes
      • First-aid supplies
      • Aluminum foil and plastic wrap
      • Paper towels
      • Cloth towels
  • On an as-needed basis
    • Deep clean the coffee machine 
    • Collect the dirty towels and launder them
    • Replace water filter in the coffee machine
    • Descale the coffee machine


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