iPhone Application Programming 2009: final projects

iL2Phone: A mobile client for the L2P System

Detailed information will follow soon.

a project by Hong Ha Dinh & Hong Minh Dinh

iUConnect: A location based social interaction app

iUConnect is a social network application, which connects you and the people who are locally around. You could find the people with their current interests and profile information, and then contact them.
First, publish your profile with your interests online. Your location information will be detected and bound with your status. If you specify an area range, you will find all the people who have published their profiles in this range. Your profile will be updated every time when you publish something new, or publish at another place.

a project by Ijaz Ahmed, Can Liu, Waqas Noor and Neyla Rojas

iMensa: Check todays menu with recommendation

iMensa is an everyday campus tool that supplies students and staff with information about mensas and food there. The user can access a list of all the mensas from Studentenwerk Aachen and display data about opening hours, the menu and a map tool that shows how to get there and how far it is. Users can rate the dishes available in the mensas and view the average rating from all users, providing a reliable suggestion what food might be desirable on a given day.

a project by Gökhan Aksakalli, Mina Fahmy, Carl Huch and Torsten Redmann

Flashcards: Learn for your exams alone or in multi-player mode

Flashcards is an iPhone application for mobile studying. It is suitable as a mobile and dynamic solution for studying independent from the location of the student. Usable like a physical flashcard, where you put the question and the answer each on one side, you do the same here with sets of virtual flashcards. Swipe-to-browse and the direct editing capabilities make it feel natural for the user to use the application. It tracks your learning progress by storing the rating you give yourself for answering a question. Also included is a 2-person mode in which one person can decide, which question the other one has to answer. This helps with complex questions and brings some fun into the learning process.

a project by Christian Corsten, Christoph Emonds, Eduard Feicho and Karel Simek

uDay: Schedule your lectures, find your way to the lecture halls

The uDay application is intended to serve as a guide for new students to RWTH. It reminds students about their next course and classroom, it shows the full course data and guides the student to the class building by bus or by foot. uDay pulls information from the bus company's website, RWTH website, and Google maps, and filters and combines it in an easy to use, intuitive interface. It uses any localization technology accessible via Core Location. It adapts its guidance options in accordance with whether full localization is available or only approximate one. Finally, even without course data, uDay can be used as an index of the classrooms and lecture halls at RWTH.

a project by Erion Elmasllari and Christoph Klaja

Hörsäle: Gives a survey of the RWTH lecture halls

The "Hörsäle"-App gives a survey of the lecture halls of the RWTH Aachen. This App is an ideal companion to cope with the daily search for your lecture halls as it offers simple handling and a high pace of implementation. Another striking feature is that you can make the Maps App to navigate you directly to the lecture hall.

a project by Tammo Ippen & Thomas Mausbach

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