Student Project in iOS App Development 2020/21

TowerBuild is a collaborative augmented reality (AR) game. Together with your friends, you can build towers and other structures in the real world using virtual blocks. We challenge you to try to build up as high as possible without your tower collapsing! If you are feeling especially creative, then go ahead and color your tower by tapping on the placed blocks.

TowerBuild was created using ARKit, an AR framework by Apple. TowerBuild also uses a rather new rendering framework called RealityKit, which specifically focusses on embedding virtual objects into the real world. With the use of the MultipeerConnectivity framework, which is also integrated in TowerBuild, it is possible to establish a peer-to-peer network between multiple iOS devices. This way, the AR experience can be shared between multiple users, who can all interact with the virtual building blocks.


This project was created by

Danylo Bekhter, Writwick Das, Niklas Dohmen, and Sebastian Pettirsch


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