Better Together


A cooperative iOS adventure game implemented during iOS App Development 2020/21

Better Together is an entertaining and cooperative Adventure-Game, which can be played by multiple players by helping each other to reach the goal. It is implemented using SceneKit and MultipeerConnectivity framework from Apple.

Game Play

The game rule is that user’s character starts from the starting point and has to reach the goal, which has a red arc shape. Users can choose between three different game-modes. The tutorial mode offers an onboarding experience for players to become comfortable and familiar with the game controls. In single player mode, users can decorate their characters and play the game in two different levels. In the team play mode, users can invite other players to play together. When all players finish the customization of their characters, the game automatically starts based on chosen level. It is also possible to grab other characters in team-play mode, which allows a lot more various tactics to reach the goal point.

Game Controls

To move a character, users have to tilt their devices to utilize accelerometer data generated from device movement. Characters also can grab obstacles or other players during the game play. Based on grabbing, heaving or slinging the character alongside the obstacle and other characters is also possible. Grab interaction is possible by tapping two halves of the screen which users can understand and learn easily. Tapping the right half of the screen makes the character close its right-hand for grab interaction, and tapping the left side will trigger the left-hand grab interaction.

Feedbacks and Entertaining feature

If grabbing was successful, users can experience haptic and sound feedbacks that provide a rich and intuitive game experience. Also if a character falls out of the game scene, users can hear funny sound feedback. Customizing character is another entertaining feature of Better Together. For single- and team play mode, users can customize their character and it is saved in their game settings. They can choose seven different kinds of entertaining body- and hand designs to create various combinations.


This project was created by

Chan Yong Lee, Eunae Jang and Lukas Woyke


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