Designing Interactive Systems 2 – SS2012

Course schedule is tentative and subject to change. Links to lecture notes and assignments will be posted as the semester progresses.


Date clash on July 18: due to a mistake, the date on this website did not correspond to the exam date in Campus. As your registration for class and exam is handled by Campus, the 18.07. is the correct date. We were reported that this date clashes with some other exam in Bonn. Since this is, as announced below, a special lecture, designed for a handful of students whose study plans require this lecture this year (which means, they REALLY CAN NOT take this lecture next year), we kindly ask you to take the exam on the second chance date if there is a conflict on the first date. If you have another exam on the first date, this will not count as a mistrial.

Due to Prof. Borchers' sabbatical this semester, the course will only be available in a reduced format. This means, that students will watch video recordings of last years lecture and can ask questions regarding these recordings in a dedicated question session. Details on the course structure will be provided in the introduction lecture on April 4th.

We recommend waiting for next year's DIS 2 class for students who don't need to attend the course right away.

  • The lecture videos can be found on iTunes U. Follow this link.
  • Bachelor students will not be able to take this course as an advanced master's course.

Teaching Schedule

Please watch the respective video before the given date.

Required Reading
Recommended Reading
04.04.2012 Introduction    
11.04.2012 Taxonomy of Input Devices, Window Systems Architecture Input devices (Card) Usability Engineering (Nielsen)
18.04.2012 Graphics Event Library, Base Window System    
25.04.2012 Window Manager, User Interface Toolkit Layer    
02.05.2012 The X Window System: An Implementation of the Reference Window System The X Window System (Scheifler)  
09.05.2012 CHI Conference (no class)    
16.05.2012 Early Window Systems (Smalltalk, Mac OS Classic, Windows pre-NT)    
23.05.2012 Mac OS X and the Model-View-Controller Paradigm    
30.05.2012 RWTH Excursion Week (no class)    
06.06.2012 Mobile Window Systems (iOS, Android)    
13.06.2012 Windows    
20.06.2012 Physical Computing and Prototyping (Arduino & Co.)    
27.06.2012 Web Toolkits (GWT, Cappucino)    
04.07.2012 Java, Qt    
11.07.2012 Multimodal Interfaces and Toolkits    
18.07.2012 Final Exam    


  • 18.07.2012: Final Exam
  • 08.08.2012: Second Chance Exam


There will be no assignments this semester.

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