Designing Interactive Systems II SS 2009 (Aachen)

Course schedule is tentative and subject to change. Links to lecture notes and assignments will be posted as the semester progresses.


Teaching Schedule

Lecture Notes
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Required Reading
Recommended Reading
15.04.09 Introduction, Taxonomy of Input Devices 1-up 4-up Video Input devices (Card)  
16.04.09 Window Systems Architecture, Graphics Event Library 1-up 4-up Video Window System Architecture (Gosling)  
22.04.09 Base Window System 1-up 4-up Video    
23.04.09 Window Manager 1-up 4-up Video    
29.04.09 User Interface Toolkit Layer DIS2-lec5-1up.pdf DIS2-lec5-4up.pdf Video    
30.04.09 Smalltalk, Morphic DIS2-lec6-1up.pdf DIS2-lec6-4up.pdf Video Smalltalk-80 user manual, Morphic User Interface (Maloney) Squeak pp. 20-35 (Maloney)  
06.05.09 Classic Mac DIS2-lec7-1up.pdf DIS2-lec7-4up.pdf Video (public version)    
07.05.09 X Window Systems, OSF/Motif DIS2-lec8-1up.pdf DIS2-lec8b-1up.pdf DIS2-lec8-4up.pdf DIS2-lec8b-4up.pdf Video The X Window System (Scheifler)    
13.05.09 Mac OS X, Part 1 DIS2-lec9-1up.pdf DIS2-lec9-4up.pdf Video    
14.05.09 Mac OS X, Part 2   Video    
20.05.09 Midterm exam Aachen        
25.05.09 Midterm exam Bonn        
21.05.09 no class        
27.05.09 Qt, JAVA Java (1-up) Java (4-up) Qt (1-up) Qt (4-up) Video    
28.05.09 Mobile Window Systems (android, iPhone) 1-up 4-up Video    
03.06.09 no class        
04.06.09 no class        
10.06.09 no class        
11.06.09 no class        
17.06.09 Windows 1-up 4-up Video    
18.06.09 Physical Computing 1-up 4-up Video    
24.06.09 Max/MSP 1-up 4-up Video    
25.06.09 canceled        
01.07.09 Interactive Multimedia: Audio Output 1-up 4-up Video Sonic Finder (Gaver), ARKola (Gaver)  
02.07.09 Interactive Multimedia: Audio and Speech Input ,Web 2.0 1-up 4-up Video What is Web 2.0, Emotionally-centered Design  
08.07.09 Interactive Multimedia: Displays, Video Input and Output 1-up 4-up Video    
09.07.09 Haptics 1-up 4-up Video    
15.07.09 Jim Hollan Distributed Cognition Seminar        
16.07.09 Route Charlemagne        
22.07.09 Project Advancement        
23.07.09 Final Exam        
28.07.09 Final Project Presentation   Project sites    


  • May 20: Midterm Exam (cf. announcements)
  • Jul 23: Final Exam (cf. announcements)

Important: Please note the date of the midterm exam and final exam. In the event that you cannot make it on those dates, it is your responsibility to notify us by May 8 for the midterm exam and by Jul 1 for the final exam, or you will receive a grade of zero.


Assignment No.TopicMaterialsDue Date
1 Hello GUI Assignment 1 Sheet 27.04.09
2 Windows (not the Microsoft kind) Assignment 2 Sheet, Material 04.05.09
3 Now you see me, now you don't Assignment 3 Sheet 11.05.09
4 RAT (Really Awesome Toolkit) Assignment 4 Sheet 18.05.09
5 The X Factor Assignment 5 Sheet, Material 01.06.09
5 Mobile Window Systems Assignment 6 Sheet 15.06.09

Grading Policy

If you wish to take the course for credit, you must complete all assignments and exams. You will receive a schein upon successful completion of the course with a grade. The grade will be calculated as follows:

  • 20% - lab exercises, assignments
  • 20% - project
  • 25% - midterm exam
  • 35% - final exam

Note that you must achieve a cumulative score above 4.0 and pass the final exam to pass the course.


Assignments will be assigned weekly. They are to be completed in groups of 2 or 3. Assignments will be graded on the following scale:

  • 1.0 - exceptional work that clearly went above and beyond what was given on the exercise
  • 2.0 - exercise was completed satisfactorily as per the assignment specification
  • 3.0 - exercise was completed, but has some problems
  • 4.0 - incomplete exercise
  • 5.0 - little or no effort was put into the exercise

The assignments are designed to be completed in the Media Computing Lab in 2U13, consisting of Apple PowerMac G5 machines. However, many of the tools we will be using are cross-platform -- you are welcome to complete the assignment on your platform of choice. However, it will be your responsibility to ensure your program(s) run on the machines in the lab. Programs that do not run correctly on the lab machines will be graded as incomplete. We will be able to provide technical support for the lab machines only. Please note that submissions with a written component that do not meet the basic standards of university-level English will not be graded.

Late Policy

Late assignments will not be accepted. Exceptions will be granted only for valid (i.e. medical) reasons.

FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloadsLast modified
Download this file (DIS2lec94up.pdf)DIS2lec94up.pdf4-up2746 kB3242009-05-28 12:17
Download this file (DIS2lec91up.pdf)DIS2lec91up.pdf1-up2250 kB1462009-05-28 12:17
Download this file (WS Part 2 (AC).pdf)WS Part 2 (AC).pdfAssignment Sheet 353 kB1352009-05-12 11:32
Download this file (WS Part 3 (AC).pdf)WS Part 3 (AC).pdfAssignment Sheet 4108 kB1752009-05-12 11:30
Download this file (WS Part 2 (AC).pdf)WS Part 2 (AC).pdfAssignment Sheet 353 kB1632009-05-12 11:29
Download this file (DIS2lec8b4up.pdf)DIS2lec8b4up.pdfPart2-4-up231 kB8102009-05-09 18:53
Download this file (DIS2lec8b1up.pdf)DIS2lec8b1up.pdfPart2-1-up239 kB1442009-05-09 18:53
Download this file (DIS2lec74up.pdf)DIS2lec74up.pdf4-up408 kB1472009-05-09 18:50
Download this file (DIS2lec71up.pdf)DIS2lec71up.pdf1-up417 kB1902009-05-09 18:50
Download this file (DIS2lec84up.pdf)DIS2lec84up.pdf4-up256 kB3892009-05-09 18:42
Download this file (DIS2lec81up.pdf)DIS2lec81up.pdf1-up265 kB1732009-05-09 18:42
Download this file (DIS2lec64up.pdf)DIS2lec64up.pdf4-up510 kB4422009-05-09 18:30
Download this file (DIS2lec61up.pdf)DIS2lec61up.pdf1-up1007 kB2152009-05-09 18:30
Download this file (DIS2lec54up.pdf)DIS2lec54up.pdf4-up329 kB7622009-05-09 18:29
Download this file (DIS2lec51up.pdf)DIS2lec51up.pdf1-up499 kB2622009-05-09 18:28
Download this file (DIS2SS0901aOverviewi10DesignSpace.pdf)DIS2SS0901aOverviewi10DesignSpace.pdf1-up2957 kB2402009-04-15 20:42
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