DIS Student Projects WS14/15

Topic: Habituated Healthiness



Smart Badge

Aachen Students Projects

The EyeWatch is a small device which tracks your eye movement and reminds you to change your focus during computer sessions.

Berk Binay, Stephan Honné, Mohibullah Kamal, Nils Kaminski, Nicholas Schuster
Brushbob forms a positive habit for brushing teeth by entertaining during brushing and motivating with a rewarding system.

Sasha, Tanem, Esra, Mark, Claudia, Kai
Boxi is an everyday product helping users to get rid of smoking.

Sabrina Shulte, Eugen Kling, Alex Lorenz, Kim Haps, Chun Yin Tan, Roman Feldhoff
Surex is a smartphone case that detects bacteria on your hand and reminds you to wash your hands.

Tong Su, Carlos Silva, Dušan Lago, Lunjie Zhang, Ashiqur Rahman, Omer Kalim Ansari
Eyetrack assists the user with her posture and eye exposure by constraining the reading process such that the user has to adapt,
with either correcting her posture or adjusting the lighting conditions.

The Straighten Up! back patch guides the user with keeping a correct body posture by giving feedback on whether the user sits straight.

Jonas Fortman, Jan Kehren, Jens Keulen, Hina Khan, Nora Nickel, Jonas Vogel
DentiScan assists the user with cleaning her teeth efficiently by providing visual feedback. The System also motivates the user to clean her teeth by using gamification elements.

Gwendolyn Barden, Philipp Deuster, Cam-Ha Kešelj, Tobias Pankrath, Maximilian Peiffer, Olga Subach
V-DOG motivates the user to go for a walk more often by using gamification elements combined with the metaphor of taking a dog for a walk.

Anton Kasyanov, Albi Sema, Mohammed Hethnawi, Lukas Oßmann, Laurin Scholz, Oliver Oschmann
BANANA COACH assists the user with eating healthier and loosing weight by being a virtual coach who automatically scans what the user is eating and providing food suggestions.

Benedict Becker, Michael Ellers, Kevin Fiedler, Sebastian Filla, Sebastian Hueber and Kevin Neuenfeldt
OHROPEUT prevents hearing damage by filtering incoming sounds.

Alexander Kucksdorf, Moritz Messerschmidt, Mohamed Saleh-Attia, Manuel Schröer, Alexander Wilts
HealthLace helps to prevent health issues by monitoring the work-health attitude.

Johannes Trum, Alexander Baldamus, Kim Fidomski, Jan Telke, Chirstopher Richter, Tim Elsner
Sun Towel tries to prevent skin burn by indicating the the amount of exposure to UV radiation.

Hanna K, Michael B, Laura S, Andreas L, Marco G, Stanimira G
GoGoFind tries to motivate the user to go outside by providing landmarks, which the user has to find.


Bonn Students Projects

Smart Plate motivates children to have breakfast with gamification elements.

Fatemeh Aghaei, Jing Yang, Maryam Assaedi, Yan Jia, Ying Jiang
MEIN motivates the user to have a good sitting position by giving feedback on her posture.

Daria Khorkunova, Yuwen Huang, Yiting Hung, Chen Zhou, Omar Eissa, Shuo Wang
Smart spectacle Eye Care to make users to get rid of eye straining activities.

Shruti Hardat, Sofiia Kosovan, Ainuddin Faizan, Sreekantha Devasya, Volodymyr Nazarenko, Vinay Hassan Basavaprabhu
Smart Badge motivates employees to stay healthy by using gamification elements.

Omar AlSafi, Mohammad AlHareeqi, Farshid Tavakoli, Abdullah Abdullah, Hossam Saeed, Galih Gilang
Lose It assists the user with loosing weight by providing data of her body.

Seat Up helps users to avoid prolonged sitting habits by giving haptic feedback.

Can Güney Aksakalli, Deniz Bicer, Rian Josua Masikome, Muhammad Abduh Arifin, Yücel Uzun, Glykeria Alvanou
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