DIS Student Projects WS13/14

Topic: Sensory Shopping Experience

The Students were assigned to enhance the experience of shopping and this are their solutions:

Virtual Mirror

Shop of Duty


Aachen Students Projects

Shoeinator Shoeinator is a system that replaces the the task of putting on your shoes in a shopping scenario by simulating the feeling of the shoes on your feet.

Hendrik Wolf, Jan Murmann, Sven Jung, Christian Paul, Claude Mangen, Christian Henn
Physical Car Customizer (PCC) Our idea is to design a futuristic car customization interface which includes sensory feedback to the customer while designing his or her car. This can be done by a car model that features transformable interior for seats, steering wheel, dashboard or footwell.

Andreas Burgdorf, Andreas Kirmse, André Pomp, Alexander Paulus, Vadim Kraus, Tim Ix
Elderly Shopping Assistant (ELSA) Elsa targets to improve the shopping experience of elderly people by reducing required shopping time and the complexity of the shopping task, i.e., finding the desired products.Within the market, Elsa presents the user a route through the market and highlights the product position within the shelf when the product position is reached.

Jens Hiller, Robert Echelmeyer, Kevin Thiessen, Adam Michalik, Hermann Walth, Marcel Carlé
Weather Room The Weather Room helps a User to find the perfect piece of clothing for a given temperature and environment by simulating it in a room like system.

B.Bakiu, C.Y. Tsai, M.Mentiu, O.Boldbaatar, P.Lena, S.Bakiu
Virtual Mirror Virtual Mirror is implemented in a changing room and consists mainly of a top to bottom touch-sensitive display, which looks like a mirror, but also lets you change and compare clothes without wearing them in reality.

Adam Malatenski, Anke Brocker, Florian Busch, Jennifer Birke, Jonathan Gan, Julian Schiemann
Gusteau Gusteau will suggest recipes and the smell of the food to the user while he goes grocery shopping.

Andreas Wirt, Marko Kajzer, Martin Sell, Phillip Kessels, Sascha Kurowski, Simon Fonck, Willy Riemer
ShopOfDuty Shop for Duty is a shooting game in the supermarket. To play, you can go to a specialized shop for "Shop for Duty" and start shooting, or you can also make a shopping list in our web page, register yourself so you can see all your upgrading and records.

Kristjan Liiva, Daniel Rodríguez, Adrian Isbiceanu, Meriem El Yamri, Miguel Mejía, Philipp Blum
Aladdin Aladdin will give the user the possibility to scan products he wants to buy in a store by also providing meta informations like allergy warnings. After the user finished the shopping process he can pick up his groceries at the exit or can choose that the products will get delivered.

Kamalika Dutta, Poormina Belavadi, Ligia Bildea, Umair Müslim, Giorgio Pretto, Adam Gavronek
Electronic Mobile Market Assistant (EMMA) EMMA is a shopping assistance for elderly people with low vision . With EMMA users can search for products , read detailed information about the product or to be navigated through the supermarket. It works like this: EMMA consists of a headset and a remote control. With the remote control , users can choose between the various functions

Dominique, Claudia, Sümeyya, Mireille, Melike
Racket Capture we have designed "Racquet Capture" for trying equipments of racquet based games before purchasing. A buyer can walk into the Trial room with his desired set of racquets and start playing with them. The trial room is a specially constructed room in which the Shopper gets the experience of a real Tennis or Badminton court.

Bharath Rangaraj, Maliheh Haghgoo, Milad Rad, Sam Nikobonyadrad, Tanmaya Mahapatra, Thomas Eck
SmartCart We redesign the shopping cart by using the temperature and vibration to guide the users to the items they want, we also use a shopping list which use color and arrow help users, too.

Lei Sun, Dinc Erduran, Friedrich Richter, Mele Daniele
Clinger Clinger is a system that provides visual and auditory feedback to the user whether the size of a piece of clothing will fit.

Aleksandr Sabov, Devashish Jasani, Kevin Jahns, Leo Haufs, Pascal Ackermann, Petr Tarasenko
Food Sampler A machine that allows to taste the product before you buy or cook it. So it releases an aroma that the person can smell, creates a little sample to eat (like a tic-tac) and shows the food on a screen.

Ilja Golland, Jan Kaßel, Matthias Diebels, Nico Wübbels, Stefan Braun, Thomas Dondorf, Tim Braatz
Make My Home We aim at enabling the individuals to visualise a house, different design templates will be made available along with limited modifications. The sense of touch, sight and hearing will support our system. The user can see and feel the house through Virtual Reality and Ubiquitous computing, make required changes in the house. This is then followed by the approval phase; once the house is approved by the architect the house can be ordered and will be built following the design customer has ordered.

Shilpa Srinivas, Sughosh Krishna Kumar, Manasi Jayapal, Thomas Holland, Aarij Siddiqui
Touch Anything Appliance (TanyA) The Textile Simulator is a device which can be connected to a computer. It receives data from online shops about the material compositions of selected clothing. These data are transmittede to a changeable surface so that the customer can feel and see the textile he or she is about to buy. A scanner is also integrated to allow the customer to put in textile data of clothing he or she already owns and take them along to real shopping in order to see, what fits together.

Matthias, Angelika, Mirzet, Christian, Sabrina, Hanna
3D Clothes Printer 3D Clothes Printer is a high technology printer which is able to print clothes for user with best quality in a very short time.

Beril Kurtoglu Tomris, Ehsan Poor Mohammady, Mahdi Saber, Navid Abbaszadeh, Oscar Copado, Oxana Khamidova

Smart Cart A user can write a shopping list at home and store it in his account, in the supermarket he can stick his smartphone on the docking station on the cart, he then logs in and loads his shopping list, on the basis of the list the app calculates the best route through the supermarket to get all the stuff, the app finally guides the user through the supermarket

Orlando Berger, Christian Blischke, Fabian Haak, Luisa Miny, Léon Morisse, Tim Runge

Bonn Student Projects

Virtual Store We decided to improve an in home virtual store that actually brings the store to your home. This is a sensory grocery shopping based on 3D vision, sound and smell.

Haojiong Chen, Xiaoqing Zhao, Yibin Jiang, Elahe Meydani, Hassan Mahmud
SmartCart Smart cart optimizes grocery shopping by providing the fastest route to the user for the products he told the system before with a shopping list. It also has a budget feature where the user can enter a budget and the system warns him if he exceeds this budget.

Mostafa Ashraf, Tieli Chen, Ali Demiralp, Sevinc Eroglu, Ioanna Karydi, Ashish Mudaliar
Sensory Online Shopping The system is a jacket, that simulates the temperature inside a piece of cloth, that the user wants to buy online, with a given outside temperature, so the user can know whether the piece of cloth fits his needs.

Yuliya Sergiyenko, Dev Sharma, Ankur Srivastava, Shekoufeh Gorgi Zadeh, Eliza Koshtoyan, Cifong Kang
GlassShopper It is difficult for handicapped people to reach the higher shelves during grocery shopping. It is hard for them to search the products and carry things around the market. To help them search for the product and buy the products, we developed this system.

Beril Kurt, Diego Alejandro Gomez Pardo, Memoona Mughal, Ridho Laksono, Selin Sepin, Uzair Anwar
interactive gauntlet These gloves enable the user to FEEL the artificial touch, pain, temperature (heat/cold) etc. of an object along with its texture, size, and dimensions. With our system, we try to bring the physicality of the object as close as to reality.

Raj Kumar, Rohan Asmat, Sri Dev, Vignesh Rao, Vivek Vaddina, Zeeshan Haider Malik
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