Designing Interactive Systems, WS 0506

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  • The Schein grades are now online (30.03.2006)
  • Final exam
    • Thursday, 23rd February 2006, 10:00 - 12:00
    • Aachen: AH V
    • Bonn: Rheinsaal
    • The exam will cover all topics discussed in DIS.
  • Final Project
    • Please include a README.txt file in your project archive that explains how to operate your prototype. Please describe the keys that are needed to operate your prototype. -david
  • DIS Podcast: High-res lecture videos are now being podcasted, the link is here . Not sure what podcasting is? You'll no longer need to download videos manually - iTunes will do it when a new one is posted. Read section 'Make a Request' for instructions. You'll need the newest version of iTunes. -david
  • In the lecture on 31.01. (Bonn) / 01.02. (Aachen) we will be doing an in-class design studio to work on your projects. Please bring all your project materials (storyboards, paper prototypes, flash demos, etc.) to class.
  • A5: Recovered the marks - no need to bring in your assignment 5. -david
  • Object Picking: Unfortunately, Quartz Composer does not support object picking natively. To do object picking, you will need to embed your qtz file in an xCode project.
  • Quartz Composers: We've uploaded two new qtz files (Array.qtz & Mouse Down.qtz). Both of these files can be used to do object selection (commonly known in Computer Graphics as 'picking'). Many students have asked "how can we select items on the screen using the mouse?" Unfortunately, this is not supported natively in Quartz Composer. The first group to send me a qtz file that lets you pick objects will get bonus points for their work. You can use the two uploaded qtz files as a start.
  • Flash demo example for final project: Fly Pentop
  • Doug Engelbart interview at NerdTV
  • Aachen: due date for assignment 7 extended to Wednesday, 21. December 2005
  • Lab in Aachen on Wednesday, 14. December 2005, 9:00 - 10:30
  • Midterm exam
    • Aachen: 12th Dec 2005 during lab in AH IV
    • Bonn: 13th Dec 2005 during lecture
  • Final project
    • You can also use your i10 lab account to publish the web page (more info in the next lab)
  • Reading assignment: Bruce Tognazzini: Starfire
  • Reading assignment: Vannevar Bush: As we may think
  • Please work in different groups for each assignment. Although it is easier to work with the same person, you miss out on the opportunity to get to know your fellow students better.
  • Assignment 2
    • If your size values for high IDs (e.g., 8 or 9) are too small on your screen, skip these IDs. Sorry, but I forgot that most monitors don't support such a high resolution :)
    • be sure to use the correct program path where the Java executable is located on your system
    • in Windows type java -classpath .;HiResTimer\timer.jar FittsLaw -distance x -size y
  • Assignment 1
    • please scale the pictures you take to a lower resolution and save them, e.g., as JPG. Limit your PDF submission to max. 1 MB!
  • Watch the lecture videos (H.264, AAC)
  • Website login for registered students
    • login: lastname
    • password: matriculation number
  • During the course, you need to take part in a user study at our group. Details will follow.
  • No class on 19th October 2005 in Aachen!
  • Please read our course policies.
  • To successfully complete the first assignments, read these two books and finish them reading by 16th November 2005.
  • Recommended reading (books available in the library)
  • Class resistration is over.
    • If you plan to take this class, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your:
      - first name
      - last name
      - matriculation number
      - email address
      - city (Bonn or Aachen)
    • The subject of your email should be DIS Registration. Be sure to use this exact subject line as it will be used to filter the registration emails. After you send this email, you will be given a web account to access the lecture slides.

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