Current Topics, SS 2009


  • Apri 27: You are required to sign up for the class in the campusOffice system. Should you encounter problems signing up for the class, email Leonhard. Signup wie CampusOffice is Open until the 1.5. The registration is needed for slides and assignments.
  • April 20: Lab and Lecture Room have been changed to 2U13.

Course room

  • As a registered student, you have access to course material through RWTH's L²P course room.

Additional Information

Lecture schedule

Part I: Tweaking the Desktop Metaphor
  • 21.04.2009: Introduction to Lecture, Cognetics, Modes - video
  • 28.04.2009: KLM-GOMS, Filenames, Search - video
Part II: UI Modelling
  • 12.05.2009: Matrices - video
  • 19.05.2009: State Charts - video
Part III: Hot Topics
  • 26.05.2009: Multi-touch - video
  • 09.06.2009: Midterm Exam
  • 16.06.2009: Focus + Context - video
  • 23.06.2009: (cancelled)
  • 30.06.2009: Tangibles on Tabletops, Prototyping, Video Navigation (Part 1) - video
  • 07.07.2009: Video Navigation (Part 2), Haptic Technologies - video
  • 14.07.2009: invited talk: Jim Hollan "The Cognitive Consequences of Technology and the Technological Consequences of Cognition"
  • 21.07.2009: Final Exam

Lab schedule

  • 15.04.2009: no lab
  • 16.07.2009: no lab
  • 23.07.2009: last lab

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