i10 Course Policies

Our area of specialization within the Computer Science Diplom Programme is Media Computing and Human-Computer Interaction.

General course policies

  • To get a course certificate (Schein), you must have a cumulative grade of 4.0 or better. You must also score 4.0 or better on the final exam and on all but 2 assignments. If there is a project, you must complete the project.
  • Programming assignments must run on a lab machine (either Bonn or Aachen). Programs that do not compile/run on a lab machine as is will be returned to the submitter and not graded.
  • Late assignments are graded at a 0.5 grade penalty per 24 hour period.
  • Written assignments that do not meet the basic standards of university-level English will not be graded. Believe it or not, we have seen submissions in abbreviated SMS-speak...
  • If you are caught plagiarizing in an assignment, midterm, or final (i.e., copying an assignment solution from an external source without giving a reference) you will be automatically expelled from the course and receive a failing grade on your record. You will also not be eligible for participating in any classes that our chair offers, and the CS faculty will be informed of the incident.


Assignments will be graded on the following scale:

  • 1.0 - exceptional work that clearly went above and beyond what was given on the exercise
  • 2.0 - exercise was completed satisfactorily as per the assignment specification
  • 3.0 - exercise was completed, but has some problems
  • 4.0 - incomplete exercise
  • 5.0 - little or no effort was put into the exercise

Exceptions will be granted only for valid (i.e., medical) reasons.

Oral exams

To be accepted to an oral exam in our area of specialization (Vertiefungsfach), you must acquire a Schein for at least one of the classes that are part of the exam (see the DPO).

In addition (this is not a formal requirement, just a recommendation) I highly recommend participating in the labs of all our four classes, because a lot of what we are teaching (the design and evaluation of interactive systems) can only be learned from theory and practice together. If you still decide to only acquire one schein, I recommend DIS 1.

- Jan Borchers

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