BibTeX Entry

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  booktitle       = {TeaP 2008, 50. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen},
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  abstract        = {Tool use often challenges the human motor system, especially when these tools require sensorimotor transformations. We report an experiment using a digitizer tablet, in which different gains are introduced between the hand movement (proximal effect) and the intended action effect presented on a display (distal effect). The question is how one’s own movements are perceived in this situation. With regard to the action effect account movements are represented and controlled by anticipating the movement effects. As a consequence, participants should be less aware of their own hand movements. The reason is that what counts for a successful tool use is the representation of the distal effect, not the proximal effect. Results supported this view. Potential applications of this research include the performance costs and perceptibility of one's own movements when introduced to sensorimotor transformations of devices.},
  pdf             = {}

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