The Associative PDA: Paper Mockup

Use Cases

Plan Course Outline You want to plan your course outline for English 2 for this year. To do so you decide to start with the course outline of the same course you held last year. You have already created the new course in your system.

Task: Please find the old course outline, create a copy of it, and connect it to the new course (English 2 2006).

Prepare a new Topic You need to prepare the next topic in the course English 2, which will be about Analytical Writing. You remember that you have attended a seminar about this and other topics and would like to review your notes. You don't think that you have connected the seminar notes with the topic. The seminar took place in the teacher's lounge, sometime last month.

Task: Please find the seminar notes and connect them to the topic.

Parent asks for Review The parent of one of your students in English 1 2006 calls and wants to discuss her son's (Eric Blue) report card. This report card, along with a formal evaluation, is stored in your system.

Task: Find the report card and the evaluation.

Identify Repeaters The principal of the school has send you a message that he needs a list of all students who have repeated this year's English 1 course.

Task: Identify all students that have taken English 1 in 2005 and 2006.

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