Aachen Maker Meetup #158: A presentation on the creation of electronic circuits and various do it yourself projects

This month, many makers came together to present their latest projects and ideas. Johannes Grischa von Eckardstein from the company Grionec opened the evening with a fascinating presentation on the realisation of electronic circuits without traditional tools and accessories. He presented ways in which individual components and complete circuits can be simply plugged together without the use of tools. His presentation provided valuable insights into innovative approaches to electronics projects.


Martin Weil presented his 3D Printed Geared Filament Puller  to the participants. This clever device allows filament to be wound neatly onto the spool, making the handling of 3D printing materials much easier and better.


 Rüdiger Pietzsch presented his self-built memory game with self-adjustable levels of difficulty, which attracted a lot of interest from visitors. The winner of this game won home-baked cake for all the visitors.


Birgit Stolte presented her 3D printing projects, including a lamp with holders for marbles. She also showed a cup that she reprinted based on a design from a Bambu Lab competition. This is a creative use of leftover filament from previous printing processes. In addition to her other projects, Birgit presented a self-printed carousel that rotated using solar energy. 



Overall, the projects presented stimulated discussion and new ideas. That is why the Maker Meetup ended for many with lots of new ideas for their next projects.

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