Aachen Maker Meetup #159: 3D-Printed Creations, UI Testing System, Traditional Japanese Steel Production, SLA Prints for Gaming

Martin presented several 3D-printed creations. He made a counter-rotating wind spinner for his mother. Additionally, he printed a multiboard, a process that took a total of 3 hours, utilizing a design from multiboard.io. Martin also showcased a practical toothpick dispenser, demonstrating his diverse range of functional prints.


Birgit displayed a variety of creative and practical 3D-printed items. She crafted a lamp with a marble socket. She also printed a case flat on the print bed, which she later folded together. Inspired by a friend who works at the Deutschlandturm, Birgit designed and printed a model of the Deutschlandturm, transforming it into a lamp.


Okan and Simon implemented a testing system for UI elements. Their project allows users to test the intuitiveness and ease of use of various UI elements in different modes, providing valuable insights into user interface design.


Markus shared images of traditional Japanese steel production, which is still used today in knife making. His presentation offered a fascinating look into the craftsmanship and techniques behind this ancient practice.


Helge built a 4-band amateur radio antenna, a project sourced from GitHub. His work highlights the blend of modern technology and DIY spirit, providing a functional tool for amateur radio enthusiasts.


Robert showcased two resin figures to demonstrate the capabilities of SLA printing. He also illustrated how 3D printing and laser cutting can be used to create game components, such as a deck box and laser-cut game tokens for the card game "Magic: The Gathering".


In conclusion, the MakerMeetup at the i10 department of RWTH Aachen University continues to be a vibrant platform for innovative minds to share their diverse projects and creative ideas, fostering a dynamic and collaborative maker community.

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