Multimodal Media Madness Sommersemester 2013

To build your own FabArcade, please go to


This summer, you will be part of a team that will create the FabArcade, the first fully open-source Video Arcade gaming station that can be built completely at any Fab Lab using digital tools.

The end result will be a fully functioning video arcade that lets you relive those cool retro video games from the 80's. Finally play Galaga the way it was meant to be played, with a professional joystick and arcade buttons - even including a real coin slot for US quarters! (Coins provided. :) ) Plus, the FabArcade will also be running a game that you developed yourself!

Things you'll learn:

  • Processing, an innovative programming environment to quickly develop interactive apps on any platform. Your team will use this to design your own video game.
  • Arduino, a great microcontroller platform to quickly and easily prototype simple embedded electronic devices. Your team will use this to read the joystick, buttons, and coin slot signals and pass them on to the...
  • Raspberry Pi, a complete embedded Linux computer for $25, which will be running the arcade emulator MAME as well as your own Processing-based game
  • Using laser cutters, 3D printers, and PCB mills in our Fab Lab, great tools to quickly prototype and create the physical enclosure for the FabArcade.

More information about this class on L2P (for registered students only).


  • New, easy URL: (Jul 18, 2013)
  • The FabArcade is finished! See picture below. Complete documentation to make your own is being finalized and will be available here shortly. (Jul 17, 2013)
  • This lab is co-hosted by Prof. Dirk Henning Braun. His architecture students work on conceptual and game design. They will also help the computer science students to build the housing for the FabArcade. (April 2013)
  • Class announcements for registered students are available at L2P. (April 2013)


Themen (vorläufig)

  • Arduino & embedded electronics
  • iPhone Programming
  • Take advantage of the FabLab

Zeitplan (vorläufig)

10.04.2013 Kapitel 1: iOS Basics Einleitung
24.04.2013 Kapitel 2: Advanced Animation Einleitung
01.05.2013 No Lab  
15.05.2013 Kapitel 3: Arduino Einleitung
22.05.2013 Kapitel 4: Fablab Einleitung
29.05.2013 Kapitel 5: Abschlussproject Brainstorming
17.07.2013   Präsentation

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