LED-Maze mimicking a wooden ball-maze



A virtual ball rolls through a maze. The catch? You can only see the walls in your immediate vicinity.

Turning the gears on the side of the box and thereby tilting the planes inside, can move around the ball. As a real ball would, the player moves faster or slower depending on the tilt-angle.

There are multiple levels to be played in two modes: easy and hard.

How to use:

  •        Plug in
  •        A four-colour interface shows up. Here you can train moving the player (green dot) by turning the gears on the side of the box.
  •        A four-digit colour code has to be entered to access the game. There are two modes:
  •        Easy mode (Code: blue, red, purple, green)
  •        Hard mode (Code: purple, purple, blue, red)

It is best to start with the easy mode.

  •       The entered code shows at the top.
  •        The code resets after four colours, if the entered code was wrong
  •        If the entered code is right, the game starts.
  •        From now on your goal is the blue LED. Use the gears to move the player through the labyrinth to the goals until a four digit colour code shows up.
  •        That code shows for approximately a minute. Then the game restarts.

Spoilers (DON’T read on if you like challenges and/or want to try the game unprepared):

In hard mode, additional challenges will pop up, such as: reversed controls (the player will start to blink and eventually change colour when that happens), changing walls (yellow) and teleporters.

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