StatWire is a hybrid IDE for R, the most commonly used statistical programming language. StatWire integrates the traditional text editor with a visual data flow editor to better support the data-driven, non-linear, and iterative workflow of statistical analysis. The source code can be found here.

We present our work as a Late-Breaking Work at the ACM CHI 2018 conference in April 2018. Session: Poster Presentations Rotation I, Tuesday: 10:20–11:00 and 15:20–16:00h.


The 30 second video preview can be found here.


Statistical analysis is a frequent task in several research fields such as HCI, Psychology, and Medicine. Performing statistical analysis using traditional textual programming languages like R is considered to have several advantages over GUI applications like SPSS. However, our examination of 40 analysis scripts written using current IDEs for R shows that such scripts are hard to understand and maintain, limiting their replication. We present StatWire, an IDE for R that closely integrates the traditional text-based editor with a visual data flow editor to better support statistical programming. A preliminary evaluation with four R users indicates that this hybrid approach could result in statistical programming that is more understandable and efficient.

Main contact person: Krishna Subramanian



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