HCI journals that are included in the ISI Journal Citation Reports

The following HCI journals are included in the ISI Journal Citation Reports, along with their impact factors.

Publishing in these journals positively impacts the citation metrics of yourself, our chair, department, and university, which are used in many rankings, such as the one done by CEST and others. These rankings influence the academic reputation of institutions, and are also being used increasingly to allocate government research funding. In "Rundschreiben 2008-13", the Rektor announced that ISI rankings will also be used to distribute funds between departments, starting 2009. See our CS-specific university rankings page for more information.

When planning to publish, follow these guidelines:

  1. Focus on journals that have a (high) ISI citation index (see my list below, URL: http://media.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/isi-journals.html).
  2. In particular, "Human-Computer Interaction" is an excellent journal with a top editorial board (you'll find lots of people there you know, from Don Norman to Greg Abowd). Full text is available for us online, see the link below.
  3. Always use the university's official English name, "RWTH Aachen University", for the institution name in your publication (and everywhere else, really). Even in German publications. Do not use "RWTH Aachen", "TH Aachen", "Aachen University of Technology", or anything else.
  4. Contact Moritz Wittenhagen immediately after publication or acceptance, , he regularly enters all publications into the University Bibliography (they take BibTeX import files).

More details are in a letter from the President of RWTH from Nov 29 2006 and from May 27 2008 (A2008-13), see "Rundschreiben" archive.

Unfortunately, the ACM "Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction" (TOCHI) journal is not yet included in ISI's list, although it has been proposed to them (see http://scientific.thomson.com/isilinks/journals/a/ for a list of titles ISI is receiving). According to ACM, the reason is that TOCHI used to be frequently late in publication.

Also, the CHI proceedings, although highly competitive with a 15-25% acceptance ratio and the most influential publication in the field, are not included. Unlike SIGGRAPH, who turned their proceedings into a Special Issue of a journal, SIGCHI actually publishes the CHI, UIST, and CSCW conference proceedings as a journal on its own: CHI Letters. However, that journal is not even on ISI's list for review - and it's arguable that this makes sense, given the differences in scope and review process between a CHI and, say, a TOCHI paper.

Anyway, proposals to include a new journal can be sent to ISI at http://www.isinet.com/selection/.

The list is based on a search of the ISI full list of journals for any the keywords "interaction", "human", "interface", and "user", and then in addition searching the entire Subject Category "Computer Science, Cybernetics", and pulling out the HCI-related hits. It's sorted by Impact Factor.

The most relevant HCI journals are classified in the subject category "Computer Science, Cybernetics" (with 2006 Impact Factor):

Journal Title and Home PageISI Short TitleImpact FactorSubject CategoryRWTH Aachen University specific information
Human-Computer InteractionHUM-COMPUT INTERACT2.391CS, CyberneticsFull text online from the RWTH network
User Modeling And User-Adapted InteractionUSER MODEL USER-ADAP1.308CS, Cybernetics
International Journal Of Human-Computer StudiesINT J HUM-COMPUT ST1.094CS, Cybernetics
Interacting With ComputersINTERACT COMPUT0.833CS, Cybernetics
International Journal Of Human-Computer InteractionINT J HUM-COMPUT INT0.431CS, CyberneticsFull text online from the RWTH network

Less relevant journals from the subject category "Computer Science, Cybernetics" (only with impact factors of 1.0 or above):

IEEE Transactions On Systems Man And Cybernetics Part B-CyberneticsIEEE T SYST MAN CY B1.538CS, CyberneticsMore about AI, Neural Nets, etc.

Additional hits from other Subject Categories:

Journal Title and Home PageISI Short TitleImpact FactorSubject CategoryComments
Communications of the ACMCOMMUN+ACM1.509CS, Hardware & Architecture / Software Engineering / Theory & MethodsGeneric but noticed by many
Computer Music JournalCOMPUT MUSIC J1.125Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications
Human FactorsHUM FACTORS0.861Behavioral Sciences / PsychologyMostly industrial ergonomics
Journal of New Music ResearchJ NEW MUSIC RES0.475Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications
Multimedia Systems (Springer/ACM)MULTIMEDIA SYST0.438CS, Information Systems / Theory & MethodsMore technical
Human Factors And Ergonomics In ManufacturingHUM FACTOR ERGON MAN0.245Engineering, ManufacturingMostly workplace ergonomics

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